I know but spring is coming!

This is true. How do I know? A bird shit on my windshield..that’s how I know.
Listening to the weather people, you would think the air’s going to be frozen solid.
Even thought it’s pretty cold out. I can hear my neighbor cutting some wood..well at least that’s what I hope is happening.

I’ve been making some promos with this app I found. They are kinda cool.

p.s. to you know who, I didn’t realize that was you, but it’s a nice shot


Adversity can be a crutch or a platform. The choice is yours.
This is Bryan Gaynor aka Chibi from the dance group Remote Kontrol. Bryan suffers from scoliosis, curvature of the spine. He’s done interviews where he talks about the ever increasing pain he goes through, but refuses to let it control him. His range of motion is limited, but not his spirit.