When real life is too awesome

I had to blog this..

This video caught my eye. It’s a story of an Orangutan that kissed a pregnant woman’s stomach. Immediately people are like wow, apes know about pregnancy? duh..anyway. It demonstrates that kindness and compassion are universal



When you are Donald Trump…this man has just demonstrated that he’s got less class than an ape..Do I even need to go there???




Art for arts sake

Just because?

Over the next few posts I’m going to try and publish things that I have been working on over the past whatever time it’s been. I apologize for the randomness but reality is random and I must do my part.

The first shot is actually from my iPhone early one morning before I’d had my coffee trying to psyche myself up to deal with the day

The second shot is in commemoration of the Supreme Courts decision to legalize same sex marriage. I chose the scene because it symbolizes the gradual lift of the fog of ignorance that permeates our society.

The price of lemonade..for a black man

So, yesterday I had this urge for chick peas like really bad, so I decided to shoot by Wegmans to see if they had some ready made salads. Their offering was meager..shoulda went to Whole foods, but I found something. I grabbed a couple of these Hubert’s Lemonades (I’m name dropping because they were rather good) and headed back to my car.

It was a gorgeous day. A bit muggy, but the sky was fabulous. So I decided to find a good vantage point and take a few shots. I pull over into the parking lot and find a spot that was free and clear with the best view. I take a couple of shots, then decided to have a sip of that cool refreshing drink (Eddie Murphy reference..you had to be there). Anyway..maybe 5 mins pass as I’m standing there taking in the moment musing to myself what I should do for the rest of the day when up behind me pulls a patrol car.  Out steps the officer who approached me in a polite manner and asks me “What’s going on?”. I reply, “Nothing, just taking in the view”.  He replies, “Someone called and said you’re making them nervous”.  Pause. At this very moment, that high I felt evaporated and was now replaced with anger and apprehension. “This is how it starts” I said to myself. “Nervous? why? I’m not doing anything to make anyone nervous. It’s a beautiful day don’t you think?” I said, trying to disarm what I could see was now becoming a potentially deadly situation. What frosted me was that I picked that spot specifically to avoid being near anyone so as not to make them uncomfortable about me taking pictures. I wasn’t there 10 mins, how on earth was I a threat, real or imagined to anyone? The lunacy of that statement starting my blood to boil. In my mind I’m calling bullshit. I took a quick scan. Had I parked near someone?? There was no one there. The closest human being was the person in the Zales department store, which was roughly…600 feet from me. “You just bought a camera?”, he asks as he steps closer, one hand on his gun. “No” I replied..what the fuck kinda question was that? I’m thinking to myself.  I realized now we’re in stupidland. Anything I say can be used against me to set him off and find a reason to mess with me..be calm..keep your hands visible..no sudden moves… “Can I see some ID?” he asks. In my head I’m saying “what the fuck for?” I haven’t done a damn thing. I know any attempt to rebut will only be used as “resistance”, so I capitulate. My wallet..where is it?..don’t go in your pockets..pat yourself down..hands visible..It’s not on me..it’s on the center console..I point to it and say “My wallet is right there, do you mind?” He nods ok. I make sure to keep my other hand visible..pick up the wallet..At this point, I know my life could end, but I’m in a no win situation…my heart is pounding. Be calm..be calm..I get my license and hand it to him. He takes it, reads my address and says “E##### Road..you’re from here in Hamilton?”..”Yes” I reply. Inside, I’m raging..yes motherfucker, I pay your salary. He’s eyeing my car..I can see it in his eyes..what’s a black man doing with such a nice car? There’s gotta be something wrong here. He’s calling it in..I’m getting angrier and it’s getting hard to hide it now. I haven’t done anything illegal or even odd…what the fuck….this is some racial bullshit..I’m clean..yeah motherfucker..what now? He comes back with a clipboard, scribbling down my info..I know what this move is..his way of saying, I’m keeping an eye on you..you have been subjugated to my authority. He gives me back my license and walks back to his vehicle. I stand there..I know what he’s expecting..I should run away now..but no..fuck you..I put my wallet inside the car and take another shot..it doesn’t feel the same..its not where I was coming from originally..the beauty is lost..it’s a sign of defiance..I will do what I have a right to do..My mood is ruined..Fuck it, I’m going..but at my own pace and at the time of my choosing…I take a swig of my lemonade..the happy face on the bottle now mocks me..You thought you were just like everyone else?..surprise motherfucker..

(the featured image is that last shot)

Welcome to the Ivory Tower

America makes me fucking sick right now. WE anointed ourselves the greatest country in the world, but what about compassion? Are Syrian children worth less than our own? When Trayvon Martin was killed, people marched and put on hoodies and shit, but Syrian children dying? Change the channel, we need to be outraged over Miley Cyrus shaking her ass..now THAT”s more important. Black people are especially making me sick. They have lost their way. We are a people that are uniquely qualified to understand wanton brutality being imposed on you while others look the other way. All that matters is fucking Hip Hop and Basketball. The VMA’s are on and Twitter lights up, children dying..nah, that shit doesn’t concern me. It’s THEIR problem, not ours. Ask yourself how the fuck you felt when that maniac opened fire and killed all those children in Newtown? Why are you not as enraged over children dying in Syria?? WHY..because America has become the fucking Ivory Tower. We are more concerned with what Kim Kardashian names her fucking baby than babies dying before they can have a name. I totally understand why the rest of the world hates us. We have no soul.

I wrote this song last year but now it seems more relevant than ever..

How many more America? How many more??

Point/Counterpoint –

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people – True, but guns make it easy

If a person wants to kill you they can use a knife or a bomb – True, but banning guns is a step in the right direction. No one is saying it will end violence only mininmize it.
As for bombs, how many people have been killed with bombs in the US vs guns?

Mental health is the issue – in some cases yes,more needs to be done to identify people who are at potential risk, but it is only one part of the solution. What about plain anger? The goal is to REDUCE the potential for violence. it’s very easy to kill someone with a gun. A monkey can pull a trigger. Reducing the availability of guns is just one step, but a very important one. Its tangible and doable. Doing nothing is unacceptable and an insult to the lives of those innocent children.

What about the second amendment? – It’s intent wasn’t for Joe Smith to get an AK47 and walk down the street. Freedom of speech is a right but (pardon the overused cliché) that doesn’t give you the right to yell fire in a movie theater  What about common sense? Slavery was once legal too. Laws are ideas. Ideas are based on knowledge. This is not working. It’s time for a new plan.

It’s not going to stop people from getting guns – True, but just because there are many ways to get into your home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock the front door.

It will never change – Never is the battle cry of the defeated. It was once said that a black man would never be President..


Lest we forget..

I have been crying for the past hour or so. Moved my the speech today of Rep John Lewis at the DNC. He spoke plainly and from the heart about the efforts being taken across this country to suppress the voting rights of others to steal an election based on unfounded charges of voter fraud. I will include the link below. The reason why it is so touching to me is his remembrance of a time when we, meaning Black Americans, were beaten and killed because they simply wanted the right to vote. You may wonder how and why this has such an impact on me. I remember. I grew up through the Civil Rights movement. I KNOW what it’s like to be treated as less that a person simply because of the color of your skin. To wonder why everyone hates me without knowing me. To feel like I was less than others. To hate myself because I was born this way. I know that pain. It is deep and profound. It is as deep as losing a loved one. It is consuming and paralyzing. It hurts to the core of your soul.

Through the years as a people we struggled not just for equality, but basic human dignity. I am reminded of a time when I was around 5 years old. I was in North Carolina with my grandfather in the town supermarket.  My grandfather is biracial, lighter in skin, much lighter than myself. As we stood at the checkout counter, a white man came upon us. Leo, he said, how are you? My grandfather removed his hat and said hello, Mr.. His head partly bowed, his shoulders sinking in as a sign of humility and submission. The man looked at me and said, Who’s little Darkie is this? To which my grandfather replied, That’s my grand baby Darrell, sir.  Say hello to Mr.. Being obedient I answered. It was a moment that at that time puzzled me. Here was the man who I idolized, the strongest man in my life, crumbling, humbled by an older white man who referred to me as a darkie. I remember the shame behind his eyes. I never ever forgot that. We didn’t speak much on the way home and he struggled to keep his composure burdened by the weight of disgrace.

I share these 2 stories now because I am so hurt. Not because of these things, but seeing young kids today, embracing the term Nigga as if it is something to be proud of. The argument that it has a different meaning is only because these kids have no concept of history and are ignorant to its impact. They do not know that they are only a generation removed from a time when that word may have been the last thing you heard before being killed. They do not know of the countless lives lost by our people fighting to simply be called a human being. It is profoundly sad. It hurts my soul that they are not educated enough to know the ugliness that they are embracing.  Those that do not remember history are doomed to repeat it…