Welcome to the Ivory Tower

America makes me fucking sick right now. WE anointed ourselves the greatest country in the world, but what about compassion? Are Syrian children worth less than our own? When Trayvon Martin was killed, people marched and put on hoodies and shit, but Syrian children dying? Change the channel, we need to be outraged over Miley […]


And down we go…

This is an extension of the piece Return of the Merman, entitled The Bottom of the Sea. I think it turned out rather well. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. For those artists on SoundCloud, don’t forget to hit that “Like” button. If you want a follow, just drop me […]


instant karma

I’m going to be honest, this song started out as a “fuck you! I hate you now” song to my ex, but I have a rule, bitterness doesn’t make it better, so I decided to open up the lyrics a bit. The first version was kinda a half-assed attempt. I was feeling out of it […]