Are we there yet?

2016 will go down as the year of WTF. Seriously, WTF 2016? I know you’re probably as tired as I am talking about the election but it’s just that incredible. It’s got me literally walking around looking at people asking myself, are you high? We have no choice but to let it play itself out at this point. I’m embarrassed to tell the rest of the world I’m an American right now.

In any case, I hope all is well with you. I wasn’t quite done with the summer yet but fall is upon us now. It’s a favorite time of year for me because of the colors of the foliage. It’s a shame it only lasts for a few weeks. I am not looking forward to winter.


This was from a week or two ago. The leaves are almost all down now. When the weather is nice it’s really peaceful back here. I have so much work to do for next year. I want to plant some more flowers. I read this article about the disappearing bee population. It turns out that we have been responsible for this (as usual). Bees need a variety of flora. That is how they feed and take care of themselves. We have gotten so into grassy yards, we have practically eliminated all the native species of plants that they thrive on. My goal is to re-populate my yard with many varieties of flowers and things like clover. I’m already the person with the most trees on their property. Most of my neighbors have cleared most of their plots. I don’t get why people don’t realize that trees are vital to our survival and to the ecosystem.


The down side to having all these trees is the leaf clean up. I’ve already hurt my back from being too aggressive cleaning them up. I sit on my ass way too many hours of the day and I over compensate trying to get exercise by doing yard work. It can be a hassle but it invigorates me.


I was in the city a few weeks ago on the East Side. I was standing on this corner and for some reason a flood of memories overcame me from all my years I spent growing up there. Just so much of my life was here and now I feel like a tourist. It’s been 17 years since I left NY. A lot has changed. It’s kinda weird going there now because it’s like I know where I am but everything has changed. You don’t really appreciate it while you’re there. It’s gradual and subtle but continuous. It’s not until you’re away for a long time that you really see how different it is. What’s always fascinated me is that there are millions of people here but everyone walks past each other in silence. People only interact if forced to.

When you think about all the politics and bullshit going on in the world, it’s like none of it applies to real life on the street. It’s always been and always will be about people going on about their daily lives. A lot of the shit we go through as a society is the work of a very few people. People generally just want to live in peace.

So I’ve been very touched by the level of appreciation I have been getting across the board for my works. People are enjoying my photos and music. This is very special for me. It feels like I am connecting on another level with people. Being able to express yourself is amazing. I strongly encourage you to do the same regardless of what you feel people may think. Expressing yourself brings you closer to yourself. It forces you to ask the question of who you really are.

I decided to organize some of my music by type. It’s kinda difficult since my mission was to blur the lines between genres, so I decided to break them into groups based on the moods I feel they represent. I’m hoping it will allow people to sample more of my music that they may like. To that end,  here’s some stuff i collected I hope you will enjoy. Try listening with headphones for the best experience.

Un-Civil rites

I was watching this report on CNN regarding the use of electronic devices during air flights. Part of the report was attempting to answer the question: does your electronic device pose a threat to the planes functionality? It was inconclusive, but it made me think. I’ve flown some and on every flight there’s that one asshole that won’t turn off their device when instructed to. The asshole next to him/her won’t put their seat up and the list goes on. You find that most of the times, its Americans. People in this country take their personal liberties as entitlement to do whatever the fuck they want. There is no Constitutional amendment that says you don’t have to follow instructions.  If the crew instructs you to turn your shit off, TURN IT OFF. Why is that so hard to do? In the 365 days of the year that 10-15 minutes of not having Lady Gaga blasting in your ear is not going to diminish the quality of your life. You will fucking survive, grow up. The reason they do it is to be safe. Whether or not it will cause the plane to crash is debatable, but why would you take that risk? How smart would your stubborn ass feel if you turned on your iPod and the damn engines shut off or the plane suddenly nose-dived? Who’s to say that hasn’t happened? There are a lot of unexplained crashes and no one survives to tell the story. I don’t think it’s funny that because you feel like you want to be a rebel bad ass and not turn off your toy, that everyone’s life should be put at risk. Or that you have to get that last bit of gossip in with your girlfriend. I think people who don’t follow pre-flight instructions should be made to ride out the flight in cargo.

On the flip side.. They should really not waste everyone’s time doing those demos on how to put on life jackets at the beginning of the flight. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall hearing that a plane went down in the ocean and they found survivors using their “flotation device”. I guess it’s better to have something to preoccupy your mind during your last moments than your pending horrific death. If the plane hits the water, most likely it’s either going to break up into little pieces and explode or sink with your ass strapped in the chair with your precious  iPod headset on.