No Doubt

I havent posted in a bit. Been rather busy BUT I do have something I want you to check out. If you like Trance, EDM..then I hope you like this. ¬†Better with headsets and a nice buzz…hahahaha


And down we go…

This is an extension of the piece Return of the Merman, entitled The Bottom of the Sea. I think it turned out rather well. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. For those artists on SoundCloud, don’t forget to hit that “Like” button. If you want a follow, just drop me […]


The Return of the Merman

It’s Spring! Well it was Winter then Spring for like a day and today it was Summer. We have totally screwed the planet. That’s all I’m saying. Anywayz..I wanted to share my latest track. It’s a mashup of some of everything. The title is taken from Jimi Hendrix 1983 A Merman I should turn to […]