The Wish

This song is one of my new favorites. I wanted to try a little something different, as always and this song evolved in the span of just 2 hours. I was drinking at the time. That may be of relevance. This song was a bit difficult as it was just a few days since my […]


Doing it all over…

I was working on a remake of the track “Double Xposure”, adding some vocals. My girl and I had been fighting for 2 days straight and I was tired of it..just damn, enough. I thought to myself, how did we get here and how the fuck do we get back?? That was on my mind […]


The Vocals

I am so feeling Soundcloud right now. I’ve gotten so much more exposure on that site, and their widgets are so easy to use here. Here’s a compilation of my vocals..I hope you like and tell your friends!!!