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Divided we fall

Some truths are more profound than others. This is exceptionally true about the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. It is being demonstrated every day on a large scale in America today. Everyone has a problem with someone else. Unbridled vitriol is rampant. It would be easy to blame this on social media, but […]


The Power of Love..

This is a song that I wrote for my gf. We currently are in an long distance relationship. I wanted to give her something that would comfort her during those moments of uncertainty that we all go through.. Lyrics: Its the dawn of another day youre a million miles away but you’ll always be right […]


Weiner Shit-zel

Anthony…Anthony..Anthony..WHYYYYYY????  I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you let me down. Why would you, being a congressman, not to mention MARRIED, fuck around with some chick on Twitter? Holy shit. Do you not read the stories of people getting busted? Do you not know that even if you delete a photo it’s […]