Divided we fall

Some truths are more profound than others. This is exceptionally true about the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. It is being demonstrated every day on a large scale in America today. Everyone has a problem with someone else. Unbridled vitriol is rampant.

It would be easy to blame this on social media, but social media only plays the part of facilitator. Behind every mean and hostile post is a person determined to exact some measure of satisfaction from bringing someone else down.

Then there’s music..

Music transcends barriers. It brings people together.

I find this contrast intriguing.


I recently went to the park to do some shooting and happened upon a wedding that was just ending. It was one of the most culturally diverse gathering of people that I’ve experienced..It was a beautiful thing. There is a politician running for office in my state that said ‘diversity is crap’. No sir, the only crap present are the words coming from your mouth. Diversity is the beauty of life..

Too legit to quit

I took the plunge and decided to register my domain and upgrade my site. It’s been long overdue.

I have another domain, thpmusic.me, that I am using but it’s about to expire. I’m wondering if I should keep it..

Anywho..I get to post stuff here I couldn’t before so this will be a trial. I want to consolidate my internet presence with a hub that is easy to access and update. I like the SoundClound integration already available so I’m leaning towards hosting everything here. PLUS, I get more views here than with the other site.. Any ideas??

“I like the way you make me feel (drift)”

The Power of Love..

This is a song that I wrote for my gf. We currently are in an long distance relationship. I wanted to give her something that would comfort her during those moments of uncertainty that we all go through..


Its the dawn of another day
youre a million miles away
but you’ll always be right here in my heart
i dont care what others say
i will love you anyway
nothing will tear us apart
silent shadows come over me
in the darkness i still see
the glow of your lovely face
i think of the tenderness
that i feel in your caress
and no one will ever take your place
Thats the power of loving you
and my mission is to prove
whats in my heart no one can erase
when i close my eyes pretty baby
i can see your smile
and I know that everythings ok
When i feel im missing you
I think of kissing you
and i know that everythings ok
Thats the power of loving you
Thats the power of loving you
when i close my eyes pretty baby
I know that everythings ok
I know that everythings ok
Thats the power of loving you
Thats the power of loving you
I know everythings ok
I know everythings ok

Weiner Shit-zel

Anthony…Anthony..Anthony..WHYYYYYY????  I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you let me down. Why would you, being a congressman, not to mention MARRIED, fuck around with some chick on Twitter? Holy shit. Do you not read the stories of people getting busted? Do you not know that even if you delete a photo it’s retrievable? And Twitter?? ahhh. It’s tragic. I wasn’t a fan, but I was starting to feel his enthusiasm. The man was on the doorstep of stardom, now he’s in the courtyard of mockery. The media sharks are feeding on him like chum. I feel for his wife. I know he’s sleeping on the floor. She doesn’t impress me as the  “oh baby it’s ok” type.

Twitter can ruin your life. It’s too wide open and anonymous. Anybody can say anything about anyone. Lies travel like lightning. People get all in your business. You have kids all in the mix. There’s no filter on the language. Twitter feigns modesty by blocking some pics, but that doesn’t stop people from posting links to inappropriate materials.

I’m shocked at how stupid people are in general using Twitter. People put information out there that they really shouldn’t. I’m gonna say this too. I know it may sound messed up, but I think the bulk of tweets are from poorly educated minorities.  It makes me cringe to read some of the tweets people post. What’s even more disparaging is the lack of self respect some women have for themselves. I saw a post by one girl saying she’d suck the blood out of someone’s dick. I’m like wow. Does she really think that’s attractive? What happens when she meets someone else she wants to have a relationship with and that is out there? People don’t think, they just follow the crowd. Now, you may say, this is sexist. What about the guys? Well, men are stupid by nature..yeah I went there.  Guys are known for running head first into trouble. We all know this..doubt me? Just ask Anthony..