I know but spring is coming!

This is true. How do I know? A bird shit on my windshield..that’s how I know. Listening to the weather people, you would think the air’s going to be frozen solid. Even thought it’s pretty cold out. I can hear my neighbor cutting some wood..well at least that’s what I hope is happening. I’ve been […]


Back to back

We’re sleeping back to back like bookends Is this how the story ends? The hand you used to hold every day now you just push it away.. The song felt kind of special coming out. I know I’ll tweak it some more but I wanted to share it


It’s taking me over…

This is a re-mix of a song I wrote sometime ago. It’s one of my first vocals. I was a little gun shy when I first recorded it. This is a more relaxed and exploratory version. I made it a little uptempo and threw in some keyboard to lighten it up. It’s a song about […]