Hurricane of Bullshit

What’s up people? As always it’s been a minute. I hope this post finds you in good health.

You know where I’m going today. I try not to be political. Actually, I wouldn’t consider it political..more like a candid observation. Unless you are fortunate and have amnesia or a tumor, you know all about Donald Trump. If you’re a fan, you should probably stop here and get a taco instead. I am not. Never have been. I am from NY. We know him well. If you don’t know anything about his background there, just google the Central Park 5. I have been in a state of total disbelief and angst since the election. Now before you mentally label me, just know that I don’t subscribe to any political party. Political parties suck. I don’t wear labels. I prefer to base my opinions on facts and my own interpretation of them. If you disagree with me, that’s cool. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion. LOL. Seriously though, people immediately get defensive if you identify with a political party they don’t like. Shit’s gotten to the point of religious fervor. People are so brainwashed by propaganda that they can’t think straight anymore. I feel like I’m in some kind of science fiction movie. Regardless of platform, I can’t believe people voted for that clown. My shoe has more sense than he does. Dude is literally the equivalent of a crooked used car salesman with access to the nuclear codes. Scary shit if you ask me. This guy has given motivation to some very fucked up people in our society. Those Nazi bastards are feeling pretty empowered as of late. They’ll still get their asses kicked but nonetheless you don’t want to encourage their brand of hate. I don’t get how you can hate someone you’ve never met that has done nothing to you and treat them fucked up simply because they were birthed on a different spot on this ball of mud or have a different shade of skin. We all know that’s really just low self-esteem showing its ugly head. You can’t give these people any light. They need to stay in the dark..silenced. Stupid only breeds stupid. We’ve been through this before. The end result will be the same.

Seeing some of the stories out of Houston remind me of how much we take for granted. When you go through your day to day rituals of life, the last thing you think of is what to do if it all came crashing down. I’m sure that so many people have been traumatized by this disaster and are lost as to what to do next. It annoys me to see the politicians looking to score points on the misery of others instead of helping their situation. I’m seeing reports that some are proposing tying disaster aid to Texas to the debt ceiling legislation. It boggles the mind that one could be so callous and indifferent to those poor people who have already suffered enough.
To add insult to insult, you have Joel Osteen, vulture of the religious, not offering people a place to take shelter in that big ass money trap called a church. After the outrage started making headlines, he gets on TV with that shit eating grin and plays victim. The slick bastard appeared in front of a green screen to make it look like he was on site. What gets me is that even though he’s been exposed, after this dies down people will be flocking to him emptying out their life savings. Not to go on another rant but religion is bullshit. Why would a deity that created the entire universe with a thought need you to donate money? What the fuck does a god need money for? The church fosters guilt in its followers just so that it can take advantage of their need for absolution. It is nothing more than manipulation, just like politics.

As we here in the US focus on the disaster in Houston, there are so many other people around the world that are suffering from floods. The effects of climate change are becoming more and more devastating. Big oil is going to make sure that people are mislead and kept in the dark as to their role in the massive loss of life across this planet.

It will only be a matter of time before the lie has nowhere to hide..

A Share
I don’t have any musical offerings today but I have a couple of short videos I put together that I posted on my Instagram feed (@THP_PIX) and hosted on Vimeo

This is a tribute to my dear friend Lira aka Lola the Showgirl. She recently decided to drop from Twitter and IG. Whatever reasons, she is missed and I hope her journey is fruitful:


Lira from The Hargett Project on Vimeo.

This is a tribute to Nigerian model Uche Mba. I wanted to do soomething to celebrate women of color that do not get the mainstream exposure they deserve

Uche from The Hargett Project on Vimeo.

In that same spirit, another celebration of beauty

Beauty Is In The I from The Hargett Project on Vimeo.



Good day citizens! Welcome to my rantage for today..

Miami face guy – The victim in the Miami face eating incident speaks out. Why? I have total sympathy for him but the gruesome details of his attack are not exactly images I want wandering around in my head. It took several days just to get over the fact that it happened, now we are being coerced into reliving that horror in splendid moment by moment detail. I, being the nosy person I am, perused through the article and regret every second of it. Avoid this at all costs unless you enjoy that bottomless pit feeling in your stomach and a dread for the future of mankind…

Romney-Idontcare – Mitt Romney picks Paul “fuck the seniors” Ryan as his running mate. The first thing this guy says is Obama will go negative to win. Hmm..As much shit as been slung at Obama from day one, I’m surprised he hasn’t snapped and whooped someones ass on the White House lawn. A taste of your own medicine is exactly what you need. What you should be explaining is why your party’s agenda throughout his tenure has been to bring him down instead of doing the damn job you were sent to Washington for. I’m not saying you have to agree with everything he does, but damn, DO SOMETHING! If you ask me, lack of compromise in government is more un-American than someone who just happens to have a name you’re not accustomed to. The media has already started the BS calling Ryan hot. WTF? to whom?? If he’s hot I must be irresistible. Dude looks like Eddie Munster. Can we focus on relevance here?? If you notice, these two are real hawkish on cutting shit that doesn’t affect them..just saying..

Honey Boo Boo reality show – I’m not even going there. This speaks for itself.

Chad Johnson cocoa-butts his wife – Dude..why did you get married? 39 days and its at that level already? I didn’t want to head butt my ex-wife until at least 10 years in. That would have been a losing battle because I think her head was solid titanium, but in any case, it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing. If you want to fuck around, stay’s that simple. Who keeps a receipt for condoms anyway? It’s not like you can take them back. If something goes wrong, your problems are way bigger than the few dollars you spent on a 3 pack. If you end up with canker sores on your johnson, somehow I don’t think a fiver is gonna make that better. I don’t put all the blame on him. She’s as much at fault as he is. Home girl lacks serious screening skills. Why would you marry a guy dumb enough to change his last name to Ochocinco? That’s like a lesbian hen applying for a job at Chik Fil A. It’s trouble in the making. Let me fame?? Day in and day out we see examples of how both ruin the shit out of people’s lives and yet people still lust for both. We have become a society ruled by popularity and no common sense.

Global Warming..Can you hear me now? – The last two months have been the hottest months in American history. The midwest is drying up and storms are getting more and more violent in places where they are rarely seen. One scientist that was on the denial squad has even changed his tune. What more proof do you need? I guess this is Obama’s fault. Him and his Muslim Kenyans have a secret plot to use Mexicans and drones to export all the water overseas. I’m sure Fox News is getting to the bottom of this as we speak. Wake up people..fossil fuels are bad. We need to stop using that shit. Maybe the Flintstones were on to something…

Twiggas – I’m not really a Twitter fan. I use it to promote my music and socialize as much as possible but I truly am annoyed by some of the content I’m forced to sift through. I don’t use the word Nigger, Nigga or any variation of such because I’m from the generation that felt it’s impact and understand it’s origin. It’s become something that people have latched onto to make themselves seem cool online. To me it decries a lack of education, which I see is an epidemic these days. I totally understand Twitters appeal. Based on what I see, 140 characters can contain 80% of the Twitter community’s vocabulary. People value themselves based on “popularity”. I bitch about this often so excuse me if this seems redundant. I worry about our youth. The lack of self-worth and respect are at an all time high. How are they to become the next generation of responsible adults? Has this become our legacy? Why doesn’t anyone care? Am I at that age where I’m just bitter?? Speaking of age and Twitter..I recently had an incident with a person that followed me. This young lady seemed to have it together. We struck up a convo and she started asking me personal questions, which I was uncomfortable answering with the entire planet reading. In any event, I asked if we could take the convo private, to which she agreed. The first thing she asked me was my age. I joked around a bit about it but I did let her know that I was much older than she. This was irrelevant to the purpose of the conversation really. I just wanted to talk but I guess she was shopping for a man and that turned her completely off to a point where she was just rude and just stopped talking without any explanation. Realizing that i was dealing with someone immature I just let it go and unfollowed her because I have very little tolerance for bullshit. Anyway, she had the nerve to post that she needed to unfollow a few pervs..a swipe at me. I was like wtf? Perv? It wasn’t me that took the convo into personal details and I have no reason to perv. It made me bristle for a sec, but I let it go. The reason I’m even discussing this is the whole concept about people’s age and their intent or ability. Why do we as a society scorn people who are older? in other cultures, they treat their elders with respect and even reverence. In this country, once you’re 30 you might as well jump off a cliff in most people’s minds. News flash kids..your ass is next..