May Day May Day!!

Time to take freaking five.
I’ve been busting my ass like QuiChang Kane. Craziness.
First of all, I’d like to give some shouts to a few folkses because they are special.

avatars-000139153835-t47esl-t500x500Shelli Shell, Shelli Diego who’s doing her thing with elegance and awesomeness. She’s known for her Deep House sessions. She’s bringing her divaliscious flavor to a nujazz downtempo vibe that can be enjoyed via podcast here






This woman here..the breezy one for just being herself.



Mrs. Truesdell..a teacher that reached out in need of support to get her kids some new chairs. I was glad to be a part of this.

I’ve been getting some love lately on Instagram. If you have an account, by all means stop by

I hate to be so random and sparse but I just wanted to reach out and share.

I have a couple of tunes I’m working on that I’d like you to check out:



And last but not least some shots…



Just another guy from brooklyn

I was feeling especially mellow and pensive. Thinking about the old days back in Brooklyn..the many lives and loves I’ve touched and felt. I had this line in my head for some time so I challenged myself to put it to music. One of my devoted listeners called it “smooth and awesome” (Thanks Chris!).
It’s a work in progress as of this blog but I wanted to share it…

Let Me Be Your Hero

This song has recently become very popular, so I figured I’d re-share it along with the lyrics

Let me be your hero

    you say you want a man
    who will understand
    so there’s no surprise
    just look in my eyes
    just look in my eyes

    you say you need a lover
    that treats you like no other
    ignore the disguise
    just look in my eyes
    just look in my eyes

    Let me be your hero
    Don’t you understand
    Let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    I’ll be your superman

    Look up in the sky
    Your love has got me high
    let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    let me be your hero
    let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    is a bird?
    or is it a plane?
    it’s just a man
    that’s gone insane
    in love with you
    don’t know what to do

    baby won’t you set me free
    let me reveal my identity to you
    you can be my kryptonite
    you can come to my crib tonight

    Written, produced and performed by Darrell Hargett
    copyright THP PRODUCTIONS