Is it just me??

What a week this has been. I don’t even know where to start.

This week not only one but two women killed their own children and did something really grotesque.
One woman, here in NJ, stabbed her child, cut off his head and put it in the freezer. She called the cops, said her bf stabbed him, then admitted to doing it after which she killed herself.
The second woman, in Thailand, killed her 1 and 5 year olds, butchered and ate them. She thought they were pigs.
There is definitely a new kind of evil in our midst. In both cases I wouldn’t want to be the police officer that had to deal with that. How do you sleep after seeing that?? Imagine the cops reaction when he got home and his wife asks, how was your day??

Fetal Positions
As you’ve probably heard, Congressman Tod Akin made a statement where he suggested in a “legitimate rape” a woman’s body shuts down and she won’t get pregnant. Now there’s all kinds of wrong in that statement, but my question is, how the fuck did he make it to Congress being so stupid? Forget the fact he’s trying to make a case to ban abortions. In what biology class did they ever state that a woman has the ability to selectively get pregnant during sex? If you expand on that argument, what he’s trying to say is if the woman gets pregnant, she wanted it. I’d check dude’s DNA because I think he’s from another planet, or perform carbon dating on him to make sure hes not like 500 years old. I totally feel sorry for his kids, or his woman. I guess if she get’s pregnant against his wishes its her fault. WTF.
That’s just one, there’s more. Mike Huckabee, former presidential candidate, adds gravy to this insanity by making the argument that people born out of rape have done some good things. He goes on to cite a few to make his case. I had the same reaction to this lunacy, but for him I’m actually shocked. He’s a zealot, no doubt, but I never thought he was that fucking stupid. I sit here and shake my head asking where do they get this shit from?? How does your brain not kick in and stop your mouth from saying something that stupid when you are a public figure? The scary thing about it is these guys believe what they are saying. I know the Republican party is anti-science when it fits their agenda, but basic biology and common damn sense?? If these are the people we have to choose from to run shit, this country is doomed.
Union Jack Ass
And there’s more…A judge in Lubbock Texas, stated that if Obama is re-elected there’s gonna be a Civil War so they better get ready. Then they had a discussion on the cost and logistics..Now that shit is scary. I can not believe that in this day and age, people are that fucked up. There’s enough information around to enlighten a person to the minimum standard of common sense. This man studied law. What happened to his brain? All of this over the fact that certain institutions that denied birth control to women were being told that under the law a woman cannot be denied access to it. To these people that is religious persecution.WTF. They make it sound like Obama personally came into their church and is forcing women to eat birth control pills at communion. No one is FORCING anything. It’s a CHOICE. But the Bullspinners are whipping up these nut cases telling them that their religion is under attack.
You know, come to think of it, part of this is my own ignorance because I thought people that were that backwards were dying off. We are witnessing the resurgence of the troglodyte. If anyone doubts that we evolved from monkeys, I’d say the proof is right there in your face.

This young lady that I follow on Instagram posted a note: PET PEEVE HETEROSEXUALS WHO USE THE TERMS FAG, QUEER AND DYKE, KILL YOURSELF.
To which I jokingly replied, But how about if they are used in a non homophobic context? She replied that it was hard to believe that’s possible coming from a straight persons mouth. (she was probably a little sensitive and pissed so I wasn’t offended)
My point was to highlight that her statement didn’t quantify the context in which those words are used. That simply using them shouldn’t be a death sentence.
These words have other meanings but I got that she meant if used in an offensive way towards a homosexual/bi individual. I stated that I’ve heard gay people refer to themselves as such, even embracing it. She said in that case its ok..which brings me to my all time rant, the use of the word nigga. Why do people need labels? what is it about us that we need to designate ourselves when being an individual speaks for itself? Then get pissed of someone uses that same label on you?? What is that?? At the risk of sounding cliche, I have many gay friends and even family members. As I’ve said before, my attitude evolved as I got older over homosexuals. I came from a really dark place on that, because I was molested as a kid by a male family member. Who, to this day, if I see is a dead man. My initial attitude was that they should all die, but moving on, I get the struggle. I was an actor and have a lot of dancer friends, so I am well exposed to the gay community. I have gay friends that are dear to my heart. Anyway, I get why they are so sensitive to being accepted. Hate of homosexuality is further reaching than racial animosity. It’s almost universal across cultures. It’s gonna take a very long time to be accepted. Just look at where we are with racism.


Good day citizens! Welcome to my rantage for today..

Miami face guy – The victim in the Miami face eating incident speaks out. Why? I have total sympathy for him but the gruesome details of his attack are not exactly images I want wandering around in my head. It took several days just to get over the fact that it happened, now we are being coerced into reliving that horror in splendid moment by moment detail. I, being the nosy person I am, perused through the article and regret every second of it. Avoid this at all costs unless you enjoy that bottomless pit feeling in your stomach and a dread for the future of mankind…

Romney-Idontcare – Mitt Romney picks Paul “fuck the seniors” Ryan as his running mate. The first thing this guy says is Obama will go negative to win. Hmm..As much shit as been slung at Obama from day one, I’m surprised he hasn’t snapped and whooped someones ass on the White House lawn. A taste of your own medicine is exactly what you need. What you should be explaining is why your party’s agenda throughout his tenure has been to bring him down instead of doing the damn job you were sent to Washington for. I’m not saying you have to agree with everything he does, but damn, DO SOMETHING! If you ask me, lack of compromise in government is more un-American than someone who just happens to have a name you’re not accustomed to. The media has already started the BS calling Ryan hot. WTF? to whom?? If he’s hot I must be irresistible. Dude looks like Eddie Munster. Can we focus on relevance here?? If you notice, these two are real hawkish on cutting shit that doesn’t affect them..just saying..

Honey Boo Boo reality show – I’m not even going there. This speaks for itself.

Chad Johnson cocoa-butts his wife – Dude..why did you get married? 39 days and its at that level already? I didn’t want to head butt my ex-wife until at least 10 years in. That would have been a losing battle because I think her head was solid titanium, but in any case, it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing. If you want to fuck around, stay’s that simple. Who keeps a receipt for condoms anyway? It’s not like you can take them back. If something goes wrong, your problems are way bigger than the few dollars you spent on a 3 pack. If you end up with canker sores on your johnson, somehow I don’t think a fiver is gonna make that better. I don’t put all the blame on him. She’s as much at fault as he is. Home girl lacks serious screening skills. Why would you marry a guy dumb enough to change his last name to Ochocinco? That’s like a lesbian hen applying for a job at Chik Fil A. It’s trouble in the making. Let me fame?? Day in and day out we see examples of how both ruin the shit out of people’s lives and yet people still lust for both. We have become a society ruled by popularity and no common sense.

Global Warming..Can you hear me now? – The last two months have been the hottest months in American history. The midwest is drying up and storms are getting more and more violent in places where they are rarely seen. One scientist that was on the denial squad has even changed his tune. What more proof do you need? I guess this is Obama’s fault. Him and his Muslim Kenyans have a secret plot to use Mexicans and drones to export all the water overseas. I’m sure Fox News is getting to the bottom of this as we speak. Wake up people..fossil fuels are bad. We need to stop using that shit. Maybe the Flintstones were on to something…

Twiggas – I’m not really a Twitter fan. I use it to promote my music and socialize as much as possible but I truly am annoyed by some of the content I’m forced to sift through. I don’t use the word Nigger, Nigga or any variation of such because I’m from the generation that felt it’s impact and understand it’s origin. It’s become something that people have latched onto to make themselves seem cool online. To me it decries a lack of education, which I see is an epidemic these days. I totally understand Twitters appeal. Based on what I see, 140 characters can contain 80% of the Twitter community’s vocabulary. People value themselves based on “popularity”. I bitch about this often so excuse me if this seems redundant. I worry about our youth. The lack of self-worth and respect are at an all time high. How are they to become the next generation of responsible adults? Has this become our legacy? Why doesn’t anyone care? Am I at that age where I’m just bitter?? Speaking of age and Twitter..I recently had an incident with a person that followed me. This young lady seemed to have it together. We struck up a convo and she started asking me personal questions, which I was uncomfortable answering with the entire planet reading. In any event, I asked if we could take the convo private, to which she agreed. The first thing she asked me was my age. I joked around a bit about it but I did let her know that I was much older than she. This was irrelevant to the purpose of the conversation really. I just wanted to talk but I guess she was shopping for a man and that turned her completely off to a point where she was just rude and just stopped talking without any explanation. Realizing that i was dealing with someone immature I just let it go and unfollowed her because I have very little tolerance for bullshit. Anyway, she had the nerve to post that she needed to unfollow a few pervs..a swipe at me. I was like wtf? Perv? It wasn’t me that took the convo into personal details and I have no reason to perv. It made me bristle for a sec, but I let it go. The reason I’m even discussing this is the whole concept about people’s age and their intent or ability. Why do we as a society scorn people who are older? in other cultures, they treat their elders with respect and even reverence. In this country, once you’re 30 you might as well jump off a cliff in most people’s minds. News flash kids..your ass is next..

Coming out

This week’s announcement by Pres. Obama that he was supportive of same-sex marriage and the reaction to it was very interesting to me. The first being the hype over him having that opinion and the subsequent debates ad nauseum. On that subject, this is how I look at it, what you do behind closed doors is your business, meth labs, terrorist plots and keeping sex slaves in your basement aside. If you love someone and you want to formally make a commitment to being with that person, I don’t see how that influences me in any way, no more than if you were a heterosexual couple. This whole argument about defining marriage is bullshit. It’s just discrimination hidden under various agendas. What really annoys me is when people make this statement that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. According to my understanding, if you share the same parent that makes you brother and sister. So does that mean incest is ok? That’s a topic for another discussion.
Several things annoyed me about the news coverage of this statement. Immediately CNN, I am completely falling out of favor with recently, decided to create a poll. This poll was to get an opinion on how Pres. Obama’s position would affect him in the black community. The problem I have with that is the assumption that all black people have the same mindset. As if sharing a skin color makes us all think and do the same thing. By definition isn’t that racial bias? That was the first thing. The second was the attempt by CNN to interview ministers of black churches to get their reaction to Obama’s statement. If you follow me you will see that there is biased in their attitude towards black people. It’s as if we all go to the same church and we all have the same points of view. This assumption that the church dictates how we view the world is also condescending and illegitimate. What about those of us who don’t follow the church? What’s this assumption that all black people are the same faith? So that got under my skin a little bit, pardon the pun. The next move I fully expect is for them to interview Al Sharpton as some sort of representative of all black people. I don’t take anything away from Al Sharpton, he is who he is, but the suggestion that somehow he speaks for the mass is ridiculous. Black people are no different from any other group of people. We vary in points of view, taste, and everything else. The assumption that your skin color dictates your attitude towards life is by definition racial bias and they should be called on it.
Getting back to the original point of same-sex marriage; as an American it is our duty to pursue their ability to have the same rights as everyone else. In the Pledge of Allegiance, which we all were told to repeat as children, there is a line that states “liberty and justice for all”. How can you deny equality to anyone?
On the subject of homosexuality, my attitude towards it evolved over the course of my life. When I was young, I was very easily influenced by crowd mentality. I was strongly against anything that had to do with homosexuality. It was even to the point of threatening a classmate of mine with death if he ever decided to be gay. It wasn’t until I saw through my association with gay people how their struggle to be themselves affected them. I could relate to the pain of not feeling wanted or being an outcast simply because of who you are. It is no different than racial discrimination and we must treat it as such.


I spit on your grave

The day has come. The bastard that killed so many innocent people and then savored our suffering is dead. I know that it is wrong to take pleasure in another’s misfortune but this man was truly a demon. There are people who say it is wrong to celebrate the death of another and I do feel that way, but look at the videos of 9/11 and you will understand their joy.

I refuse to watch Fox News, but today I made a point of it, I wanted to hear them give Obama his props for accomplishing what 2 Presidents before him could not. (yes, don’t forget, Bill Clinton was after him too). The racist bastards couldn’t do it. They tap danced around it, thanked the military (they do deserve it), but could not say the words, good job Obama. They scooped up a pile of bullshit and served it to their fans who lap that shit up like mindless idiots. The first thing they did was thank George Bush. There were even people in Texas that actually went to Bush’s house with signs thanking him. Umm..Bush was in his fucking bed. Holy shit…what is wrong with people? How hard is it to give credit where it’s due? ¬†Fuck them. There are enough of us that know and recognize the truth. Obama was actually 2 for 2..One night he took out Donald Trump, then the next Bin Laden..

The Disjointed States of Amnesia

At first I thought I was tripping. I’m watching the news and all the republicans are ripping into Obama over Libya. And I’m like wait, just a few weeks ago they were ripping into him for not getting involved. Saying he’s dithering and wasn’t showing leadership. Then the fucking news media jumped on the wagon and started acting like it was a bad move.
I’m not a war hawk. I think it’s a fucked up solution. Innocent people get killed. But, Gadahfi was talking some Hitler like bullshit..going into the city, yanking people out and shooting them. Who does that? That had to be stopped. So the UN showed some balls and took action. Now all these sanctimonious assholes are bitching that we shouldn’t get involved. What’s our interest. Saving fucking lives is our interest. Jeez. So I’m saying ok I do recall everyone saying something needed to be done then I heard Hillary Clinton say there was a vote to enforce a no-fly zone in the Senate. Lo and behold, she was right on
So now it’s just fucking obvious that this country has lost it’s balls and some politicians will spin on a dime to say whatever they think will keep their jobs. This isn’t news of course. I know that. But damn, it was just a few weeks ago. What shocks me is nobody remembers or they have chosen to forget. And the media is just bullshit timefill.