love song

Just another guy from brooklyn

I was feeling especially mellow and pensive. Thinking about the old days back in Brooklyn..the many lives and loves I’ve touched and felt. I had this line in my head for some time so I challenged myself to put it to music. One of my devoted listeners called it “smooth and awesome” (Thanks Chris!). It’s […]


Let Me Be Your Hero

This song has recently become very popular, so I figured I’d re-share it along with the lyrics Let me be your hero you say you want a man who will understand so there’s no surprise just look in my eyes just look in my eyes you say you need a lover that treats you like […]

More worked!

I’m here tripping because I thought my page was broken because it wasn’t displaying properly. It was the damn browser…emptied the cache and bam, I’m back in business… So here’s like everything I’ve been working on. I think from now on I will also post some stuff from other artists that I’ve connected with. That’s […]



This Daylight savings time adjustment is messing with my mind. This time around it seems harder to adjust. I’m whipped, but I wanted to share my latest work with you. This melody was haunting me so I had to get it out of my head. Some of it is a variation of a previous song. […]



Hey guys..Well another year has come and gone. I celebrated my **th birthday Friday the 15th. I’m not telling my age so as not to blow your Anyway, it was pretty uneventful. The way I like it. I didn’t do much except cook and play video games all day. Instead of a cake I […]