2 Drops in a Bucket

How are you today mein kinder? This is how my dance teacher in high school used to greet us. It’s odd that I would remember that, but I have been known to retain bits of totally random useless information. Go figure.

The other day 10/21/15 was “Back to the Future Day”. I’m quite sure you’re sick of hearing about it but it struck me that in many cases whenever we have predicted how advanced we as a people will be, we always come up short. This speaks volumes on our perception of ourselves versus the reality of very slow progress. We are capable of way more than is our current situation. Today we could end hunger, poverty, war, pollution, racism, sexism..etc, but there are those in power that use these things to their advantage to stay in power. It makes me wonder if we as a people will survive our own greed.

Anyway..I just wanted to break the silence to reach out and connect I also have a couple of joints I’m working on that I want to share. The first is a combo of 2 tracks, one a house flavored track called “Get it Started”. It’s a little tribute to mi preciosa DJ and Radio host Shelli Diego. The second movement is a little piece I put together called NetFlix and Chill..I’d been hearing that term a lot and decided to try and write some lyrics around it based on the sexual tension of that situation. The other piece is just something that came from being in a situation where many of us have been, being in love with someone that’s involved with someone else that you know is feeling you.

Hope you like them..peace

Alternate Reality (things ain’t the way they used to be)

Returning to my house music roots, re-Inspired by the loverly DJ Shelli Diego (@shellidiego) and the folks at PoshFM. I give to you a re-mix of Alternate Reality.

This is a song I originally did last year as a theme for my flavor of music. The lyrics “might as well be a cloud” refer to how unique my message and style were from the popular forms of music. That people wouldn’t be able to relate, like a cloud on a mountain top,  unreachable but with unique meaning to the observer.

On it’s anniversary, I take this theme to another level as my music and scope have evolved. A lot has changed in that year. This is a reflection on the ever-changing direction of this thing called life…Much love..

Latest track by THP – Call my name – Vocal House music

Due to the success of my other songs of this genre, I put this track together as a continuation of my house music groove. Some of the melody may sound similar to other tracks but slightly modified. This is more an experimentation vocally for me. I’m trying new things outside of my comfort zone by trying expand my vocal range. This song is a sort of a love song. I wanted to create drama and positive energy in my transition. I hope you like it and give me some feedback!!