Birthday Boy…

Hi everybody! my birthday just passed and I did a lot of interesting crazy things..not. Actually, I’m still working on another keeps evolving and I’m having fits of writer’s block, but it’s there..I can feel it (that’s what she said). I wonder who was the first person to say that? oh, if you want […]


Falling and Fading

This is a remix extended version of Fallin’. Story behind the music: This song is about love found and lost. That unexpected love that grows from friendship but ends tragically as it fades away. It’s about having a friend that becomes a lover and ultimately losing them both.  My story and so many others..enjoy  


The Reason

when i look at you i see the reason im alive when i look at you i see my purpose in your eyes when i look at you there’s no place id rather be than by your side when i look at you i can see the meaning of my life BASS..