Welcome to the Ivory Tower

America makes me fucking sick right now. WE anointed ourselves the greatest country in the world, but what about compassion? Are Syrian children worth less than our own? When Trayvon Martin was killed, people marched and put on hoodies and shit, but Syrian children dying? Change the channel, we need to be outraged over Miley Cyrus shaking her ass..now THAT”s more important. Black people are especially making me sick. They have lost their way. We are a people that are uniquely qualified to understand wanton brutality being imposed on you while others look the other way. All that matters is fucking Hip Hop and Basketball. The VMA’s are on and Twitter lights up, children dying..nah, that shit doesn’t concern me. It’s THEIR problem, not ours. Ask yourself how the fuck you felt when that maniac opened fire and killed all those children in Newtown? Why are you not as enraged over children dying in Syria?? WHY..because America has become the fucking Ivory Tower. We are more concerned with what Kim Kardashian names her fucking baby than babies dying before they can have a name. I totally understand why the rest of the world hates us. We have no soul.

I wrote this song last year but now it seems more relevant than ever..