Catching up

Chillax It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of substance.  I’m on the second week of my two week vacation.  It takes at least seven days two relax for me.  So the first week I spent practically doing much of nothing.  I did my lawn, which by the way needs to be done again, […]


It’s a rap-ture

The end of the world came and went. I was actually looking forward to some action. Maybe watch it on CNN. I’m sure they had a theme song picked out already..some cool rapture graphics. Do an in-depth analysis on the apocalypse..have a survey on whether people thought they should be spared..get an on the scene […]


Unplanned parenthood

I’m a big science fan. I guess it comes from a low tolerance for bs and focusing on things you can prove..lol. Anyway, my favorite topics are astronomy and physics, which when you really think about it, are really the same thing. The laws of physics governs the universe, well, what we know about it. […]