Reaching out

As promised.

I just want to say thanks first for the positive response. Feels good.

For those of you that are connected to me on G+, (a fantastic bunch by the way) You may have seen these but here I hope to add a little more flavor by sharing my thoughts

This shot was taken some time ago. Boomer, who was the best dog ever, and I had gone to the park. This was not long after I’d gotten him. He was a rescue dog and my first pit bull. He taught me a lot about mysef…life. At this time, I still wasn’t too sure of how he’d behave and he was feeling me out..each of us tesing each other’s boundaries. I was taking some pictures of what was becoming a beautiful sunset. He walked out in the field as if to get a good view and stood there watching the sun go down with me. I don’t ever remember having a dog that was remotely interested in the sky. It was a moment that connected us in a very deep way

I will be the first to admit, I have a very strange face. I look very different at times..almost chameleon like.I’m not really one that’s into selfies because it’s draws too much focus on me, but at the same time, I am attempting not to feel withdrawn. I like to experiment with portraits and being alone I have a limited choice of subjects. This pic was more of a note to myself

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This pic is one of my faves because I was surprised how much of the reflection I was able to capture. This is an arch at River Walk Park. There are a series of them. Each representing a different industrial period in human history. I felt like I was able to appreciate the artist’s vision from this perspective.

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Note to self, proofread your posts.
As you may have noticed, in my last post some of the sentences didn’t make sense. That was because the voice recognition interpreted some of the words that I spoke while I was very tired incorrectly.
I am dictating this post under my covers with my hoodie on in the bed. It’s raining out and has been all day. I’m thankful that it’s not as cold as it has been, because this could be snow and we would be in a world of shit if that were the case. So where was I? I was telling you the story of Boomer yesterday. I guess I’ll pick it up from when we got home. I brought him in and he was nervous, which was to be expected in a completely new environment. I showed him around he was very hesitant to walk on the tiles in the kitchen area. I imagined that that surface must have felt very strange to his feet. After much coaxing and reassurance, he settled in rather quickly. I went into my basement to do some laundry and he followed me downstairs. After spending a few minutes down there filling machine with clothes I came back upstairs and try to get him to follow me. He sat at the foot of the stairs and started whining. I thought this was odd. At first I said to myself, oh no he’s got some sort of mental issue. But then I took a moment and started thinking from his point of view. What could it be I asked myself? As I looked at the stairs, I realized what his problem was. The steps have no backing, they are open. So from his point of view they must have looked very precarious. My first attempts were to try to coax him by getting on the steps next to him, and trying to get him to come to me step-by-step. That failed utterly as he up stopped after he stepped up on the first step. Now I’m thinking to myself how to write get this dog up the stairs? I looked around for something to cover the stairs where to give him a sense of security. The first thing I found was some wood that I had. I laid a plank down and I said to myself this looks worse than the stairs and the angle was too steep. There was no way he was going to go for that. My next attempt was to use a chair. I figured I’d get him up on the chair which would then make him at the level with half of the stairs. That didn’t work. So now I’m sitting in the basement with him, saying to myself what next? I looked around and I found an old comforter in a bag. So I draped the steps with the comforter thinking covering it up they would look less threatening. He whined as he came to the steps looking at me trying to tell me that he was not pleased with this current situation. I was still a little nervous with trying to be forceful with him. I didn’t know what his reaction would be to me being aggressive with him. It could be ugly. So I sat there and rubbed his head and constantly reassured him that everything was okay, and gradually he attempted to go up the stairs and stopped halfway and came back down. Now I’m like shit I’m out of options. What can I do? Should I just leave him in the basement until he decides that he’s had enough? Then I was thinking that not cool. The poor guy has been traumatized by the kennel. Why should I prolong his traumatization? I convinced myself that I must be patient and that it was the best plan. I sat with him for a few minutes reassuring him constantly. I rubbed his head and tried to get him to focus on me instead of the stairs. Eventually he got the idea and darted up the stairs.
The next item on the agenda was to find a veterinarian. Luckily there was one less than a mile from my house. I call to set up an appointment and the receptionist informed me that I needed to bring a stool sample. So I’m like great this is turning into something ugly fast. I said to myself, you have to do what you have to do. That was special by the way. I will forgo the details on that little adventure. One thing that I’ve constantly read about pit bulls is that they may tend to be aggressive towards other dogs. That was a primary concern for me as I brought him into the veterinarians office. Of course there was another dog they are right as soon as I came in the door. It was a huge dog, kind of St. Bernard-ish he was very curious about this dog. So as far as I can tell his demeanor is very passive. I suspect he’s been beaten too because of the way he reacts whenever I raise my voice.
I will continue his story tomorrow because I’m fading again. Have a good day.


For the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering whether or not I should get a dog. This is something that I had been totally against at one point, then reconsidered, then against, and then finally I after several days are thinking about it constantly, I decided today to look into it. My first choice was to rescue a dog. One because it’s cheaper. Two, because instead of just buying a dog you’re saving its life. Most of the dogs that you will find in animal shelters will have issues. I will admit that I am not the kind of person that can take a dog in that has been injured, is deformed, or has some sort of physical handicap. I apologize if that offends you, but it’s the truth. Typically you will find the kind of dogs that people no longer want in animal shelters for that same reason. A lot of them have been traumatized or abused. So, bearing that in mind, I decided to just look and see what kind were available. I searched for animal shelters in the area using my iPhone. It indicated that there was one 2 miles from me, so I decided to give it a shot. I get there and it’s a Pet Smart store. I look around and in the front of this store and there were a few cats there to be adopted. So I wondered to the back of the store looking around to see if there were any dogs on display. I get to the counter in the back. It was a young lady on the phone working on an order of some sort with the computer, and there was another young guy, I’d say in his 20s, that was working with her. So I stood there waiting patiently for one of them to at least asking me what it was I wanted. Realizing that if I didn’t say anything they would continue to ignore me, I kindly interrupted their conversation. I realized that it was some racial bullshit, but I decided not to let that interrupt my mission. After a brief conversation, I was informed that they only had dogs on the premises on the weekends. So I left. I almost decided to just say fuck it and come back home, but something told me to keep looking. So I pulled out my phone and decided to look for another animal shelter. There was another one that was 10 minutes away from that location. So I went. When I got to the parking lot which faced the kennels, I could hear the dogs barking. There was a fence there where you could look at the dogs before you go inside. So I decided to just take a look and see what kind of dogs were there. I think I should mention that a few days ago I had looked online at the very same shelter, and all they had available worktables. So I’m saying to myself, I don’t want a fucking pitbull because I don’t want any issues. And the location of the shelter is not too far from a poor neighborhood. I figured that close to a poor neighborhood, the dogs would probably be dogs recovered from crackhouses or whatever. I know, it’s sad that my mind works that way but it’s a reality that I had to take into consideration. As I walked towards the kennel, this dog walks up to the fence and looks at me with the saddest face that you ever wanted to see. You could read in his eyes that he was saying,
“please take me, save me from this place”. I was a little hesitant to even come near the fence because of my prejudice against pit bulls. It was true that most of the dogs they had were pit bulls. In my mind I’m saying this was a wasted trip. I decided to take a look at all of them just to see out of curiosity. I believe there were approximately 20 dogs, 18 of which were pit bulls. There were maybe three that were unfriendly. The rest were jumping around and wagging their tails just like any other dog. My ignorance and prejudice kept me from approaching them. Another couple came after a few minutes, and the guy walked right up to the fence and let the dogs sniff his hand. I felt like an idiot. That is part of the reason why I’m posting this, because of the paranoia that I had about the dogs simply because of their reputation. My original preference was a Labrador retriever. There happened to be one there, are a large black one. It was an older dog, about four years old. It had been there since July. I was wondering why. It was such a beautiful looking dog, albeit kinda large. I asked to take the dog out. They have appendant area where you can walk with the dog and get familiar with it. I took him over there and immediately he started pissing. Only thing is, he pissed on my leg. So, I said to myself, he’s going back. I took him back and asked to see the first dog that approached me when I got there. I was a little nervous at first. In my mind I imagined the dog going berserk on me and tearing my leg off and me ending up in the emergency room wondering why the fuck I came out of the house. He was very strong for his size and was yanking me around a little, but it was because he needed to take a massive dump. So I was saying to myself, he’s probably been holding back because he’s housebroken and didn’t want to shit in his cage. That was actually an encouraging sign. We walked around a bit and I started to take him back inside. As I got to the door of the shelter, I asked him to sit. He obeyed my command without hesitation. I was impressed. So not wanting to question fate, I decided that I would bring him home. After filling out the paperwork, I was on my way home with him. As we got to my car I opened the door and he patiently waited for my command. I put him in the backseat, and got in the front. He was excited to be leaving. You could see it in his face. But, he sat there and didn’t move. He looked at me as if to ask, can I sit in the front? I said come on, and he climbed into the front seat very gingerly. He was extremely well behaved, but he smelled terrible. As I was driving I kept asking myself suppose he goes ape shit on me and rips my face off? I had to laugh at myself saying, you’re an idiot, you’re falling for the hype. I will continue the rest of my saga tomorrow because I’m a little tired right now, but I will post a picture of him so you can see what he looks like. By the way, his name is Boomer.