Barack, the man of my dreams

I am going to preface this post with a disclaimer that I already know I need some kind of psychiatric evaluation.

For some reason, I keep having dreams with Barack Obama in them. In each dream, we are close friends, but the surrounding scenarios are always insane.

The White Snake
Last night I had a dream that I was going to the park to play basketball. It was a very warm and sunny summer day. I was dribbling the ball as I walked down the street. I don’t know where I was, but it had the feel of somewhere in Brooklyn. As I approached a corner, there was Barack walking up the adjacent street. He looks at me and says, You know what to do with that thing? (he’s typically a wise-ass in my dreams as well). So I’m like, do I have to school you? He looks at me and gives me that half chuckle that we’ve seen many times as if to say, Yeah right.
He was dressed in slacks and a white collared shirt with his sleeves rolled up. So he says, Come with me, I got a few things to do first, then I’ll play you for beers. So I accept and we start walking together. He starts telling me he’s got “Some Presidential shit” to take care of first but it shouldn’t take long. All the while walking, he’s wise cracking on me, saying stuff like, I’ll play you in my shoes so it will be fair..Do you have any face insurance?..I’ll try to keep the media out of it so you won’t be too embarrassed to go home, we wouldn’t want your family to disown you.
We came to these steps that lead to an underpass, kinda like a subway station and he says, Hold up, I’ll be right back. Don’t punk out and run. Then he jaunts down the steps in the manner that we are so familiar with. He had something like a walkie-talkie on his belt that was connected to the Secret Service. I could hear the static from it fade as he got further away, then suddenly it stopped. I stood there expecting to see him come up the other side but he didnt surface. Worried, I went down after him to see what happened. It was dimly lit and dank, much like some of the lesser maintained subway stations you’d find in NY. I called out to him a few times and all I could hear was the echo of my own voice. Off to my left, there was an opening in the wall. I saw his shoes slightly sticking out. I slowly approached it, calling his name. Suddenly I heard movement coming from further back in the opening. It was dark and water was seeping through cracks in the wall. I yell out, Yo man, this ain’t funny. answer.
Something was moving and I stepped slowly closer to see what it was. At first it looked like he was laying on the ground covered in something white and leathery. Then it moved and I was face to face with a huge white Anaconda, it’s eyes gleaming at me like a dog when you take it’s picture. I turned and started running, the snake chasing me. I could hear the massiveness of its body as it slid down this wet and dungeon like corridor. I reached the stairs and was met my a low hovering helicopter with Secret Service agents in it. I was out of breath and struggled to tell them what I’d just seen and I woke up..
I lay in bed, my heart pounding so hard I thought my head would explode, asking myself what the fuck is wrong with me?
This disturbed me so much that I started Googling dream interpretations.
I came across this info. Scroll to the section about a person being eaten. Read it for yourself..It’s pretty deep

How many more America? How many more??

Point/Counterpoint –

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people – True, but guns make it easy

If a person wants to kill you they can use a knife or a bomb – True, but banning guns is a step in the right direction. No one is saying it will end violence only mininmize it.
As for bombs, how many people have been killed with bombs in the US vs guns?

Mental health is the issue – in some cases yes,more needs to be done to identify people who are at potential risk, but it is only one part of the solution. What about plain anger? The goal is to REDUCE the potential for violence. it’s very easy to kill someone with a gun. A monkey can pull a trigger. Reducing the availability of guns is just one step, but a very important one. Its tangible and doable. Doing nothing is unacceptable and an insult to the lives of those innocent children.

What about the second amendment? – It’s intent wasn’t for Joe Smith to get an AK47 and walk down the street. Freedom of speech is a right but (pardon the overused cliché) that doesn’t give you the right to yell fire in a movie theater  What about common sense? Slavery was once legal too. Laws are ideas. Ideas are based on knowledge. This is not working. It’s time for a new plan.

It’s not going to stop people from getting guns – True, but just because there are many ways to get into your home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock the front door.

It will never change – Never is the battle cry of the defeated. It was once said that a black man would never be President..


Breaking Snooze.

CNN is getting annoying. I remember a time when they took journalism seriously. Now they’ve fallen into the trap of sensationalism. There’s a few things that currently annoy me.  1- The Anthony Weiner story. In case you aren’t aware he is a D-Rep from NY. Apparently a picture was sent from his twitter account to some girl of a bulging penis in underwear. It was deleted and he said it was a prank. The media has seized on this and is determined to make more out of it than it is. CNN had a “Special Report” to interview him on this story. The hype was unbelievable.

Then there’s Wolf know I thought the guy was cool at one time, but he’s come off as an idiot lately. He asks some of the dumbest questions. It’s getting painful to watch.

And now…Sarah Palin….God..haven’t we had enough of her already? The media is trumping her up basically because the Republican Presidential candidate field is boring. Do they really think Sarah Palin is gonna win the presidency? As dumb as Americans can be, I dont think we’re THAT dumb. I listen to her and I cringe. I ask myself who the fuck lost an election to her in Alaska? My sneaker would have had a better chance. Seriously, if she were in my public school running for class president, I would have voted for the eraser. While I’m on that subject, what the hell is wrong with people calling her attractive? I know, looks are subjective but damn, come on. When I hear men talking about how attractive she is, I want to turn in my male membership card.  Sheesh.. The other day, John McCain goes and says she can beat Obama. Now..not to say he’s unbeatable and I do like him, but Palin?? Whatever she put in his coffee to make him pick her as his running mate must still be kicking in. She must have put some powdered moose balls in his eggs. Dude..slap yourself for that and all will be forgiven..

On another note, this weather we’ve been experiencing is a wake up call to all those people who denied the effects of global warming. Go and ask the people in Missouri and Louisiana what they think about it. I bet no one is laughing at Al Gore now. If you haven’t done so, I recommend you watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Wake up people!!




Pretzel logic..

It’s amazing how easily people are manipulated. This whole debate on who gets credit for catching OBL is amazing. There are people saying George Bush deserves partial credit. HELLO, did everybody fucking forget about Iraq?? When we were attacked, he pulled the oldest trick in the book, the bait and switch. America wanted blood and despite the “home of the brave” bullshit,  fear sells. Fear of anything versus “them”. So they made Sadaam the boogie man, souped him up as an imminent threat, and bombed the shit out of Iraq.  America got it’s televised victory, something we’ve been taught to expect since Kuwait, and everybody was all hard again on American military superiority. Mission Accomplished…yeah but the only thing is, Sadaam didn’t have a fucking thing to do with 9/11. Bush had no interest in looking for OBL. Here comes Obama, 3 years into his presidency he’s taken out more Al Qaeda operatives than in Bush’s entire presidency. And now they are trying to sell the fact that they tortured the detainees as being instrumental in OBL’s capture. Ok, first, its not “enhanced interrogation” it’s fucking torture and if it was so fucking effective, why didn’t they catch OBL years ago? America..wake the fuck up.

I spit on your grave

The day has come. The bastard that killed so many innocent people and then savored our suffering is dead. I know that it is wrong to take pleasure in another’s misfortune but this man was truly a demon. There are people who say it is wrong to celebrate the death of another and I do feel that way, but look at the videos of 9/11 and you will understand their joy.

I refuse to watch Fox News, but today I made a point of it, I wanted to hear them give Obama his props for accomplishing what 2 Presidents before him could not. (yes, don’t forget, Bill Clinton was after him too). The racist bastards couldn’t do it. They tap danced around it, thanked the military (they do deserve it), but could not say the words, good job Obama. They scooped up a pile of bullshit and served it to their fans who lap that shit up like mindless idiots. The first thing they did was thank George Bush. There were even people in Texas that actually went to Bush’s house with signs thanking him. Umm..Bush was in his fucking bed. Holy shit…what is wrong with people? How hard is it to give credit where it’s due?  Fuck them. There are enough of us that know and recognize the truth. Obama was actually 2 for 2..One night he took out Donald Trump, then the next Bin Laden..

The Birthering of a nation..

OK, so Obama published his birth certificate. I just want to say that it’s a goddamn shame that it’s come to this. It underscores how stupid most Americans are and it proves something that I’ve said time and time again, Black men must prove themselves twice. Ok, if you’re one of the people who had doubt in your mind, you need to ask yourself why? Do you honestly think that he would even be able to fucking run if he couldn’t prove it? Do you think they’d let a black man become president if they had an option to stop him? I’ve watched this circus with total disgust over how something so ridiculous could actually be believed by so many people. Then there’s the racial aspect. There is without a doubt a racial element to this whole charade. Even people I know showed their true colors..I am saddened by this fact but, it is what it is. Now Donald Chump is claiming he’s responsible for what? a victory? Just a few days ago he was supposed to have some shocking and surprising evidence as a result of his “investigation”.  Why is NO ONE calling him on that? And this clown has people supporting him for President?? Wow..I’m ready to move to Canada..