I know but spring is coming!

This is true. How do I know? A bird shit on my windshield..that’s how I know. Listening to the weather people, you would think the air’s going to be frozen solid. Even thought it’s pretty cold out. I can hear my neighbor cutting some wood..well at least that’s what I hope is happening. I’ve been […]


Hey..whatcha upto?

hey good people! I’ve been slacking over here. Not really..I’ve been very busy dealing with an overbearing bitch. no not anyone I’m involved with..haha. I have a birthday coming soon. My ass is getting ancient, but I feel good. Actually right now I feel better than I have in some time. I guess that’s what […]



Technology is amazing. This week I received my iPhone 4S. I was very excited to find out what Siri could do for me. The one thing that impressed me the most is the accuracy of the voice recognition. The other thing that I discovered is that I need to speak clearer when dictating. This post […]