Divided we fall

Some truths are more profound than others. This is exceptionally true about the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. It is being demonstrated every day on a large scale in America today. Everyone has a problem with someone else. Unbridled vitriol is rampant.

It would be easy to blame this on social media, but social media only plays the part of facilitator. Behind every mean and hostile post is a person determined to exact some measure of satisfaction from bringing someone else down.

Then there’s music..

Music transcends barriers. It brings people together.

I find this contrast intriguing.


I recently went to the park to do some shooting and happened upon a wedding that was just ending. It was one of the most culturally diverse gathering of people that I’ve experienced..It was a beautiful thing. There is a politician running for office in my state that said ‘diversity is crap’. No sir, the only crap present are the words coming from your mouth. Diversity is the beauty of life..

Under Covers..

These are a few cover concepts for a few songs that I wrote. links to the tracks are below each of them.

This first one is from a shot I took of the first thing I saw that morning from my perspective. It was a very bright morning. I lay there thinking how fortunate I was just to be alive and thought I would try to capture that feeling artistically. The result was the song “Shine”

15 - 1 (1)

This is a cover to my song “The Time Traveler’s Blues”. The song itself is about May December relationships..an expression of my own personal experiences with younger women. The struggle between desire and rationality..wondering what the future holds as we all do in relationships. Finding ourselves taking inventory on our lives and the things that we want. Justifying that which you know is doomed to fail..

15 - 1 (10)

Reaching out

As promised.

I just want to say thanks first for the positive response. Feels good.

For those of you that are connected to me on G+, (a fantastic bunch by the way) You may have seen these but here I hope to add a little more flavor by sharing my thoughts

This shot was taken some time ago. Boomer, who was the best dog ever, and I had gone to the park. This was not long after I’d gotten him. He was a rescue dog and my first pit bull. He taught me a lot about mysef…life. At this time, I still wasn’t too sure of how he’d behave and he was feeling me out..each of us tesing each other’s boundaries. I was taking some pictures of what was becoming a beautiful sunset. He walked out in the field as if to get a good view and stood there watching the sun go down with me. I don’t ever remember having a dog that was remotely interested in the sky. It was a moment that connected us in a very deep way

I will be the first to admit, I have a very strange face. I look very different at times..almost chameleon like.I’m not really one that’s into selfies because it’s draws too much focus on me, but at the same time, I am attempting not to feel withdrawn. I like to experiment with portraits and being alone I have a limited choice of subjects. This pic was more of a note to myself

15 - 1 (7)


This pic is one of my faves because I was surprised how much of the reflection I was able to capture. This is an arch at River Walk Park. There are a series of them. Each representing a different industrial period in human history. I felt like I was able to appreciate the artist’s vision from this perspective.

15 - 1 (9)

Voice dictation

I’m going to attempt to dictate this entry using voice dictation.  Bear with me if there are many mistakes.  I’m teaching myself to navigate through a paragraph.  I’m also trying to learn the commands.  One thing I have found from using voice dictation is that I need to speak clearer.  I am a trained actor, believe it or not, but I’d tend to get lazy when it comes to speaking.  This is primarily the cause of the fact that I’m not performing and utilizing my dictation skills.  I often think about what my voice coaches would say if they can hear some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  As we use voice recognition more frequently, it becomes more imperative on focusing on how we speak.  Technology has not advanced sufficiently to recognize all of the subtle differences in grammar.  I own an iPhone, and use Siri quite frequently.  Apple has done a fairly good job of making Siri flexible enough to understand most phrases, but it’s a long way from being perfect.  Due to the shittiness of Apple’s map application, I recently started using Google search.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its efficiency.  It is however it different approach.  What would be perfect is a hybrid of these two applications.  As we now competition will prevent that, but it would be nice to see a universal voice recognition system being developed.  Using voice recognition isn’t as worry free as one would hope it would be.  It can be tedious at times, especially when making corrections.  You get the urge to simply type whatever correction you want as opposed to navigating the voice menus.  This is to me its biggest detraction.  I like the idea.  Ultimately we should see the voice applications that allow us to interact with all of the programs are on our computers.  Not just opening them but having the functionality of the entire application at your voice control.  I would like to use a voice control to be able to use the programs on my phone or computer, to do all of the things that I do with tactile input.  An example would be, set up an appointment with X friend and remind me 15 minutes before the appointment is due.  Or, find all of the gas stations near me, and give me directions to the one with the lowest price.  That would be nirvana.

Alternate Reality (things ain’t the way they used to be)

Returning to my house music roots, re-Inspired by the loverly DJ Shelli Diego (@shellidiego) and the folks at PoshFM. I give to you a re-mix of Alternate Reality.

This is a song I originally did last year as a theme for my flavor of music. The lyrics “might as well be a cloud” refer to how unique my message and style were from the popular forms of music. That people wouldn’t be able to relate, like a cloud on a mountain top,  unreachable but with unique meaning to the observer.

On it’s anniversary, I take this theme to another level as my music and scope have evolved. A lot has changed in that year. This is a reflection on the ever-changing direction of this thing called life…Much love..

Don’t blame love

Don’t blame love if your heart gets broken. Blaming Love is like cursing the ground if you trip and fall.
If you fall in love with someone and they disappoint you, don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to love even more deeply.
Just like falling down, you get up and learn to use caution where you step. Pain is natural. Pain is nature’s way of making us pay attention to what we have done to injure ourselves so that we don’t do it again. Pain of the heart can be deep and if you allow it, all-consuming. The key is not to let that happen. You have to take inventory in yourself. Know that you are worthy and deserving. Separate other people’s actions and opinions from who you know you are as a person. You cannot control what other people do or say, so don’t try. It’s wasted energy. You are in control of yourself. Don’t give that control to someone else by putting yourself down in a failed relationship. Where there is room for improvement, make it, but don’t let your hurt cause you to fear opening your heart. Don’t let a bad situation shut down your capacity to love deeply, for it is that love that will save you and set you free.