Under Covers..

These are a few cover concepts for a few songs that I wrote. links to the tracks are below each of them.

This first one is from a shot I took of the first thing I saw that morning from my perspective. It was a very bright morning. I lay there thinking how fortunate I was just to be alive and thought I would try to capture that feeling artistically. The result was the song “Shine”

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This is a cover to my song “The Time Traveler’s Blues”. The song itself is about May December relationships..an expression of my own personal experiences with younger women. The struggle between desire and rationality..wondering what the future holds as we all do in relationships. Finding ourselves taking inventory on our lives and the things that we want. Justifying that which you know is doomed to fail..

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Reaching out

As promised.

I just want to say thanks first for the positive response. Feels good.

For those of you that are connected to me on G+, (a fantastic bunch by the way) You may have seen these but here I hope to add a little more flavor by sharing my thoughts

This shot was taken some time ago. Boomer, who was the best dog ever, and I had gone to the park. This was not long after I’d gotten him. He was a rescue dog and my first pit bull. He taught me a lot about mysef…life. At this time, I still wasn’t too sure of how he’d behave and he was feeling me out..each of us tesing each other’s boundaries. I was taking some pictures of what was becoming a beautiful sunset. He walked out in the field as if to get a good view and stood there watching the sun go down with me. I don’t ever remember having a dog that was remotely interested in the sky. It was a moment that connected us in a very deep way

I will be the first to admit, I have a very strange face. I look very different at times..almost chameleon like.I’m not really one that’s into selfies because it’s draws too much focus on me, but at the same time, I am attempting not to feel withdrawn. I like to experiment with portraits and being alone I have a limited choice of subjects. This pic was more of a note to myself

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This pic is one of my faves because I was surprised how much of the reflection I was able to capture. This is an arch at River Walk Park. There are a series of them. Each representing a different industrial period in human history. I felt like I was able to appreciate the artist’s vision from this perspective.

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Ok. A little share time…

Okay so I’m going to take a few minutes just to share a few things in between my cleaning the house.
Like I mentioned in my last post, I had reached number one for singer-songwriter in my area on reverb nation.
It’s the second time in a year that has happened to me so far. I don’t look at it as so much as an accomplishment for myself but more so as an acceptance of the music I’m putting out there. People are listening and enjoying. I know that sounds corny, but that’s really how it is for me.
I would guess that you’re probably tired of hearing about Ebola. I know I am. I wanted to share a little story though. I don’t know if you heard about the NBC news camera man that was apparently infected while covering the story in Africa. Well, this woman that was with them, I think she’s a producer, I’m not sure, decided to put herself in voluntary quarantine. This meant that she was not supposed to leave her home for 21 days. Homegirl decided she wanted some fucking soup. So she takes it upon herself to go to a local shop here in Princeton. Mind you this was about two or three days after the first guy came and was sick and everybody was freaking out.
In addition to that, there is another virus floating around, called the enterovirus. This little nasty is very contagious and it killed a little boy that went to a school that is about five minutes from my house. So here I am surrounded with two deadly contagions in a matter of one week. I thought that was pretty crazy.
Another crazy thing that happened to me was on Google plus. I get a message from someone asking me to delete a picture of mine from my account.
So at first I’m thinking this is a joke. I even responded to the person that way, but they were serious. So I’m saying to myself, this person must be on crack.I looked at his account and he had my picture as his profile picture. So now I’m a little pissed off. What the fuck is going on I’m asking myself. So I give the guy chance to remove the picture from his profile which he did and I thought that was the end of it. The next day, I get another message from a friend of his. He’s questioning me as to why I stole his friend’s picture. I really didn’t have the patience, so I shut him down pretty quickly. Something told me to revisit the guys profile just to make sure that he’d remove my picture and that there were no others. It turns out this guy was using my picture to catfish dudes. So I’m saying to myself, this is all I need. I already have a problem with people mistaking me for someone else. All I need now is for some guy to come running up to me on the street thinking something is up. I am explicitly heterosexual. That would not be a pretty sight.
So I reported him and blocked both of them. It was a real freaky experience.my ex-girlfriend was a model and people would steal her pictures all the time. They were everywhere. So I learned a lot from that experience but having it happen to you is a whole Nother dimension. You feel violated and you seriously don’t know what that person has done using your face. I was completely creeped out so I thought I’d share that.
Why would anybody want to look like me anyway?

Okay so here’s some of my latest stuff. Check it out let me know what you think

Latest work

In the Valley of Shadows

This is another song that I’m putting together. I was inspired by feeling very spiritually drained after losing my brother. Throughout that entire ordeal I had to remind myself that I needed to focus on the positive and the here and now. I wanted to create something that would be inspirational but not over-the-top gospel like..something in the middle that would get the message across but have universal appeal.
Check it out and let me know what you think.