Mind dump

It’s been a while as usual. I’s sitting her drinking a bottle of Muscadet, like I know WTF that means but it’s not bad. Not too sweet and I have a nice buzz. I’m not a wine drinker at all really. I’ve just run out of weed and I need to relax.

Ever since I dedicated myself to a vegetarian lifestyle, I have all this extra energy that I need to channel. I’m not going into the why’s and therefores because I’m quite sure you’re tired of hearing about it but I  needed to save my life. No joke.  So, the other day I was in Sam’s at the checkout and I was super-hyped. I had all this energy and couldn’t stand still. At one point I heard this sound behind me and I spun around to see what it was and turned back around. So the teller was like “You alright?”. I was suddenly conscious of how odd that might have looked and then she said “you’re over here doing the electric slide”. I busted out laughing. That shit was funny. I couldn’t even protest because she was on point.  I had to laugh because I realized how odd i must have looked.

So, yesterday I picked up the new AppleTv.  Shit is the joint. The thing I like the most is the remote. With Siri, it’s like having total control over what ever you want to see or hear. It doesn’t require line of sight. I tested it by using it in the attic and was blown away that I could control my music selection from up there.

[Continued 4/9]

Sorry, but I had to pause..where was I? AppleTV..yes. If you’re not one of those people who just hates Apple products don’t bother continuing, but if you enjoy the experience, I strongly suggest you pick up the new model. They are working more towards integrating the TV experience into the overall Apple platform. There’s a few new apps specially designed for the TV that I’m experimenting with. I will give a final review in a few days.

This is all part of my cord cutting initiative. Cable companies have been gouging us for decades with often mediocre programming. Now that there are other options available via streaming, they are scrambling to maintain their customer base. I went through major drama with Verizon trying to shut off my FIOS tv. Their billing system is atrocious. They will rip you off if you don’t stay on top of it. Now that they’ve outsourced a lot of their phone reps, it’s a fucking disaster trying to get things sorted when you have issues..Bottom line is that they wanted to charge me for a month of service I never used. after many calls, I finally got it straightened out but I’m done with them for any new business unless they get their act together.  How’s cutting the cord you ask? For me it’s perfect. I prefer being in control of what I watch. The cable companies are trying to hold on by making it a requirement to have a cable account to stream but that model does not scale for today’s consumer. Starz realized this and is right out the gate offering stream access to their programming. I see that as the beginning of the end for the other channels. It’s only a matter of time before individual customized programming takes over completely.

Musically, I’m still working on refining my sound. My focus now has been on improving the quality of my vocals. I’ve become way more comfortable and am trying a lot of new things. So far the response has been very positive. I’m looking to branch out and feature some collaborative work. I’ve got some ideas on laying some vocals down on other artists tracks. There will be some of that coming your way soon.

I’m thinking of starting dating again after my long hiatus. I’ve basically kept women at arm’s length because I was really turned off by the drama. We’ll see how that turns out..lol.

So, I hope you enjoy some of my offerings and I promise to be more engaged.  I know I say that all the time but I really will make stronger efforts.

Much love..


Voice dictation

I’m going to attempt to dictate this entry using voice dictation.  Bear with me if there are many mistakes.  I’m teaching myself to navigate through a paragraph.  I’m also trying to learn the commands.  One thing I have found from using voice dictation is that I need to speak clearer.  I am a trained actor, believe it or not, but I’d tend to get lazy when it comes to speaking.  This is primarily the cause of the fact that I’m not performing and utilizing my dictation skills.  I often think about what my voice coaches would say if they can hear some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  As we use voice recognition more frequently, it becomes more imperative on focusing on how we speak.  Technology has not advanced sufficiently to recognize all of the subtle differences in grammar.  I own an iPhone, and use Siri quite frequently.  Apple has done a fairly good job of making Siri flexible enough to understand most phrases, but it’s a long way from being perfect.  Due to the shittiness of Apple’s map application, I recently started using Google search.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its efficiency.  It is however it different approach.  What would be perfect is a hybrid of these two applications.  As we now competition will prevent that, but it would be nice to see a universal voice recognition system being developed.  Using voice recognition isn’t as worry free as one would hope it would be.  It can be tedious at times, especially when making corrections.  You get the urge to simply type whatever correction you want as opposed to navigating the voice menus.  This is to me its biggest detraction.  I like the idea.  Ultimately we should see the voice applications that allow us to interact with all of the programs are on our computers.  Not just opening them but having the functionality of the entire application at your voice control.  I would like to use a voice control to be able to use the programs on my phone or computer, to do all of the things that I do with tactile input.  An example would be, set up an appointment with X friend and remind me 15 minutes before the appointment is due.  Or, find all of the gas stations near me, and give me directions to the one with the lowest price.  That would be nirvana.

Still kickin’…

Okay I know I promised to take some side-by-side pictures Comparing the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 I just purchased, but I haven’t put it down since I got it.
Everything is like snap snap! I didn’t realize how much I was suffering until I switched phones. Now I don’t even want to plug the other one in to charge it. It still amazes me how much lighter this phone is. You almost have to convince yourself that you’re still using an iPhone.
Let me share a little story with you about my shitty luck. I went to Best Buy to get a case for the phone. After spending maybe 20 minutes looking through all of the case options, I decided to get a case that had a clear back. This would allow me to see the back of the phone without it getting scratched. I really like the way the back looks by the way. Anyway, I get the case home, I take it out of the box, and the fucking thing is scratched. I really didn’t feel like driving all the way back to Best Buy so I kept it. Now when I look at the back it looks as if it scratched but it’s not. I will fix that situation soon but I thought I’d share that with you.
Okay continuing on with my personal experience review, all of the apps work so much better. The response time makes it a much more pleasurable experience to use the phone. However I am noticing something that is a bit disturbing. Siri doesn’t work as smoothly as I recall when I had my iPhone 4S. I think they made some tweaks to the prompting. Specifically, if you ask a question, or ask it to look something up online, the prompt is no longer voice active. I don’t know if it’s a flaw or if they think it’s some sort of improvement, but I don’t like it. Having jailbroken my iPhone 4S, I got used to using voice activated searches that would open up my navigation software. For instance, you could say how do I get to my brothers house? If Your brothers address was in your contact information, it would take that information and activate the navigation software. I really thought that was a pretty cool feature. I see Apple tried to do that with Apple maps, but we know how that worked out. I seriously doubt that they will make that feature available for other navigation apps. So, I will probably jailbreak this phone as soon as possible.
From what I have experienced with the camera. I noticed that the pictures are very clear, very detailed, and have richer colors.
In response to the insinuation that the iPhone 5 is just a larger iPhone 4S, that is inaccurate. It’s much faster. And with the extra real estate, the apps that have been customized for this phone look wonderful.
I spend quite a bit of time going back-and-forth from social media to my music site in SoundCloud. The app Flipboard combines all of that information into a very easy to use user interface. It looks gorgeous on the phone and even more gorgeous on an iPad.
I still have the original iPad, but I do intend to upgrade. I stayed away from the iPad mini because it doesn’t have the retina display. And once you go retina you’re not going to be satisfied with anything less. I know I sound like a fanboy but I am far from that. I was a dedicated Windows user for many years. I used to harass people for using Macs. I had a Windows phone that was fairly sophisticated but it was very clumsy and glitchy. My friend, Kevin, convinced me to try and iPod Touch. Once I started using it I never put it down and all I could think of was how serious it would be if I had all of that flexibility in a phone. So I bought the iPhone and I will tell you since I made that purchase, there hasn’t been a single day that I have not had an iPhone in my hand.
There’s a lot of controversy and conflict between users of Android and Apple phones. I say you use what fits you the best. I don’t understand why there needs to be hostility because someone likes a different product. That is just silliness and juvenile. What I like about the Apple products is that they are extremely easy to use. The learning curve is very brief regardless of your previous experience using a smart phone or smart product. And Apple has a tremendous library of software and music and everything. I’m heavily invested in a lot of their software so for me to make a change to another phone, it would be prohibitively expensive. From what I have experienced with Android phones and software is that it’s a bit complicated and clumsy. But to each his own. So that ends my intermediate review of the phone. I will post more information as I continue my experience.
I would like to hear your feedback and input on your phones and experiences. Please feel free to send me a comment.


#5 is alive

Well, my iPhone 5 finally arrived! I am ecstatic at the moment. I broke my 4S by driving over it some months ago. I’ve been using my iPhone 4 since, and it has been hell. It seems as though the phone started acting up just because I was replacing it. All of a sudden the home button would not respond consistently. It would lag and freeze up. But that’s all behind me now and I will give you my impressions of this phone.
Out-of-the-box the first thing that I Noticed was the length. It is a taller phone, but that height makes it look as if it’s thinner. I can imagine that if you did not have an older iPhone to compare it to, you would think that this phone was skinnier than the predecessors. Secondly, it’s very light. So light in fact that it almost feels as if it’s hollow. Having taken my 4S apart to fix the screen, I am totally aware of all of the components of the phone. It is amazing that they were able to accomplish what they have with this phone in such limited space. It is very attractive to look at. I’m not saying that because I’m some kind of fanboy, I’m just being honest. The next thing that I noticed is that the front screen is almost flush with the case. This makes a huge difference. If you were to drop one of the other phones they would be susceptible to damage because it is exposed. I am very glad to see that change. Performance wise there is no comparison. This phone blows away my older phone.
I’ve not taken any pictures as yet but that will be my next test and I will post some pictures side-by-side of things taken with the older phone and this phone to give you an idea of the quality of the camera. I’m ecstatic that I am able to dictate my blogs once again!