My daily dread

Ramblings and musings of this thing called my life


This morning I went to the park to take Boomer for walk. It was a bit chilly, but still a very peaceful morning. I had a lot on my mind, plus I needed the exercise so I figured I’d go little further than I normally would. I was walking down a tree-lined path that is […]


Catching up

OK so it’s been a long time. I don’t even know where to start, so much has happened.  First it was the earthquake.  That was interesting, by the way, I live in New Jersey.  That was freaky, at first I thought I was suffering from my medication.  So I’m sitting here and all of a […]


There are none so blind..

I got my new glasses today. I’m blind as fuck. I feel handicapped when I have to read the eye chart. I’ve come to terms with needing bifocals. Actually I’d done that some time ago, but now I can’t read shit with a distance prescription. Now I wear bifocal contacts as well, but the glasses do […]


Live like you’re dying

Tuesday, Tuesday..the only thing good I can say about you is that you’re not Monday. How do you catch a cold when you hardly have any human contact? Ehhh..I’m bitter. So what, eat me. This is my first post here on WordPress (and the crowd goes wild!). I’m here because Microsoft decided I needed to […]