Divided we fall

Some truths are more profound than others. This is exceptionally true about the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. It is being demonstrated every day on a large scale in America today. Everyone has a problem with someone else. Unbridled vitriol is rampant.

It would be easy to blame this on social media, but social media only plays the part of facilitator. Behind every mean and hostile post is a person determined to exact some measure of satisfaction from bringing someone else down.

Then there’s music..

Music transcends barriers. It brings people together.

I find this contrast intriguing.


I recently went to the park to do some shooting and happened upon a wedding that was just ending. It was one of the most culturally diverse gathering of people that I’ve experienced..It was a beautiful thing. There is a politician running for office in my state that said ‘diversity is crap’. No sir, the only crap present are the words coming from your mouth. Diversity is the beauty of life..

Mind dump

It’s been a while as usual. I’s sitting her drinking a bottle of Muscadet, like I know WTF that means but it’s not bad. Not too sweet and I have a nice buzz. I’m not a wine drinker at all really. I’ve just run out of weed and I need to relax.

Ever since I dedicated myself to a vegetarian lifestyle, I have all this extra energy that I need to channel. I’m not going into the why’s and therefores because I’m quite sure you’re tired of hearing about it but I  needed to save my life. No joke.  So, the other day I was in Sam’s at the checkout and I was super-hyped. I had all this energy and couldn’t stand still. At one point I heard this sound behind me and I spun around to see what it was and turned back around. So the teller was like “You alright?”. I was suddenly conscious of how odd that might have looked and then she said “you’re over here doing the electric slide”. I busted out laughing. That shit was funny. I couldn’t even protest because she was on point.  I had to laugh because I realized how odd i must have looked.

So, yesterday I picked up the new AppleTv.  Shit is the joint. The thing I like the most is the remote. With Siri, it’s like having total control over what ever you want to see or hear. It doesn’t require line of sight. I tested it by using it in the attic and was blown away that I could control my music selection from up there.

[Continued 4/9]

Sorry, but I had to pause..where was I? AppleTV..yes. If you’re not one of those people who just hates Apple products don’t bother continuing, but if you enjoy the experience, I strongly suggest you pick up the new model. They are working more towards integrating the TV experience into the overall Apple platform. There’s a few new apps specially designed for the TV that I’m experimenting with. I will give a final review in a few days.

This is all part of my cord cutting initiative. Cable companies have been gouging us for decades with often mediocre programming. Now that there are other options available via streaming, they are scrambling to maintain their customer base. I went through major drama with Verizon trying to shut off my FIOS tv. Their billing system is atrocious. They will rip you off if you don’t stay on top of it. Now that they’ve outsourced a lot of their phone reps, it’s a fucking disaster trying to get things sorted when you have issues..Bottom line is that they wanted to charge me for a month of service I never used. after many calls, I finally got it straightened out but I’m done with them for any new business unless they get their act together.  How’s cutting the cord you ask? For me it’s perfect. I prefer being in control of what I watch. The cable companies are trying to hold on by making it a requirement to have a cable account to stream but that model does not scale for today’s consumer. Starz realized this and is right out the gate offering stream access to their programming. I see that as the beginning of the end for the other channels. It’s only a matter of time before individual customized programming takes over completely.

Musically, I’m still working on refining my sound. My focus now has been on improving the quality of my vocals. I’ve become way more comfortable and am trying a lot of new things. So far the response has been very positive. I’m looking to branch out and feature some collaborative work. I’ve got some ideas on laying some vocals down on other artists tracks. There will be some of that coming your way soon.

I’m thinking of starting dating again after my long hiatus. I’ve basically kept women at arm’s length because I was really turned off by the drama. We’ll see how that turns out..lol.

So, I hope you enjoy some of my offerings and I promise to be more engaged.  I know I say that all the time but I really will make stronger efforts.

Much love..


The price of lemonade..for a black man

So, yesterday I had this urge for chick peas like really bad, so I decided to shoot by Wegmans to see if they had some ready made salads. Their offering was meager..shoulda went to Whole foods, but I found something. I grabbed a couple of these Hubert’s Lemonades (I’m name dropping because they were rather good) and headed back to my car.

It was a gorgeous day. A bit muggy, but the sky was fabulous. So I decided to find a good vantage point and take a few shots. I pull over into the parking lot and find a spot that was free and clear with the best view. I take a couple of shots, then decided to have a sip of that cool refreshing drink (Eddie Murphy reference..you had to be there). Anyway..maybe 5 mins pass as I’m standing there taking in the moment musing to myself what I should do for the rest of the day when up behind me pulls a patrol car.  Out steps the officer who approached me in a polite manner and asks me “What’s going on?”. I reply, “Nothing, just taking in the view”.  He replies, “Someone called and said you’re making them nervous”.  Pause. At this very moment, that high I felt evaporated and was now replaced with anger and apprehension. “This is how it starts” I said to myself. “Nervous? why? I’m not doing anything to make anyone nervous. It’s a beautiful day don’t you think?” I said, trying to disarm what I could see was now becoming a potentially deadly situation. What frosted me was that I picked that spot specifically to avoid being near anyone so as not to make them uncomfortable about me taking pictures. I wasn’t there 10 mins, how on earth was I a threat, real or imagined to anyone? The lunacy of that statement starting my blood to boil. In my mind I’m calling bullshit. I took a quick scan. Had I parked near someone?? There was no one there. The closest human being was the person in the Zales department store, which was roughly…600 feet from me. “You just bought a camera?”, he asks as he steps closer, one hand on his gun. “No” I replied..what the fuck kinda question was that? I’m thinking to myself.  I realized now we’re in stupidland. Anything I say can be used against me to set him off and find a reason to mess with me..be calm..keep your hands visible..no sudden moves… “Can I see some ID?” he asks. In my head I’m saying “what the fuck for?” I haven’t done a damn thing. I know any attempt to rebut will only be used as “resistance”, so I capitulate. My wallet..where is it?..don’t go in your pockets..pat yourself down..hands visible..It’s not on me..it’s on the center console..I point to it and say “My wallet is right there, do you mind?” He nods ok. I make sure to keep my other hand visible..pick up the wallet..At this point, I know my life could end, but I’m in a no win situation…my heart is pounding. Be calm..be calm..I get my license and hand it to him. He takes it, reads my address and says “E##### Road..you’re from here in Hamilton?”..”Yes” I reply. Inside, I’m raging..yes motherfucker, I pay your salary. He’s eyeing my car..I can see it in his eyes..what’s a black man doing with such a nice car? There’s gotta be something wrong here. He’s calling it in..I’m getting angrier and it’s getting hard to hide it now. I haven’t done anything illegal or even odd…what the fuck….this is some racial bullshit..I’m clean..yeah motherfucker..what now? He comes back with a clipboard, scribbling down my info..I know what this move is..his way of saying, I’m keeping an eye on you..you have been subjugated to my authority. He gives me back my license and walks back to his vehicle. I stand there..I know what he’s expecting..I should run away now..but no..fuck you..I put my wallet inside the car and take another shot..it doesn’t feel the same..its not where I was coming from originally..the beauty is lost..it’s a sign of defiance..I will do what I have a right to do..My mood is ruined..Fuck it, I’m going..but at my own pace and at the time of my choosing…I take a swig of my lemonade..the happy face on the bottle now mocks me..You thought you were just like everyone else?..surprise motherfucker..

(the featured image is that last shot)

May Day May Day!!

Time to take freaking five.
I’ve been busting my ass like QuiChang Kane. Craziness.
First of all, I’d like to give some shouts to a few folkses because they are special.

avatars-000139153835-t47esl-t500x500Shelli Shell, Shelli Diego who’s doing her thing with elegance and awesomeness. She’s known for her Deep House sessions. She’s bringing her divaliscious flavor to a nujazz downtempo vibe that can be enjoyed via podcast here






This woman here..the breezy one for just being herself.



Mrs. Truesdell..a teacher that reached out in need of support to get her kids some new chairs. I was glad to be a part of this.

I’ve been getting some love lately on Instagram. If you have an account, by all means stop by

I hate to be so random and sparse but I just wanted to reach out and share.

I have a couple of tunes I’m working on that I’d like you to check out:



And last but not least some shots…



Let Me Be Your Hero

This song has recently become very popular, so I figured I’d re-share it along with the lyrics

Let me be your hero

    you say you want a man
    who will understand
    so there’s no surprise
    just look in my eyes
    just look in my eyes

    you say you need a lover
    that treats you like no other
    ignore the disguise
    just look in my eyes
    just look in my eyes

    Let me be your hero
    Don’t you understand
    Let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    I’ll be your superman

    Look up in the sky
    Your love has got me high
    let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    let me be your hero
    let me be your hero
    I’ll be your superman

    is a bird?
    or is it a plane?
    it’s just a man
    that’s gone insane
    in love with you
    don’t know what to do

    baby won’t you set me free
    let me reveal my identity to you
    you can be my kryptonite
    you can come to my crib tonight

    Written, produced and performed by Darrell Hargett
    copyright THP PRODUCTIONS

Birthday Boy…

Hi everybody!

my birthday just passed and I did a lot of interesting crazy things..not.

Actually, I’m still working on another song..it keeps evolving and I’m having fits of writer’s block, but it’s there..I can feel it (that’s what she said).

I wonder who was the first person to say that?

oh, if you want to see some of my latest pics, check out my instagram account..or even better, go to my site and check out everything…even this blog! @ thpmusic.me

Home alone

I’m a systems programmer and I work from home 99% of the time. I go into NY for meetings and certain events about once a month. My job consists of writing code for automation on the mainframe computer and providing technical support for other programmers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term mainframe, it’s simply a big computer that communicates with other computers. If you have ever used an ATM, then chances are you have interacted with a mainframe. The ATM can be thought of as the little computer that gets your information from the mainframe.
Among other things my job is to write code that brings the mainframe up, just like when you boot your pc. When your pc is booting it loads programs to give you the ability to use it. I write the code that loads those programs on the mainframe.
I also write code that monitors the system and sends emails and notifications if something is wrong. It can be interesting but for the most part it’s very stressful. Not due to the coding, but dealing with people. That’s a whole ‘nother story. Today I am focusing on working from home.
For the most part, working from home is good. I get to do house stuff occasionally while I work. The nature of my job requires me to be online the whole time. I spend a lot of time reading emails, making and receiving calls. It’s not a party by any stretch of the imagination. My job is extremely technical and requires extreme focus. There’s very little room for error and there’s a lot of work. A LOT. There’s days I will log on and work continuously until evenings, without a break. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat. It’s gotten to the point where I have to set up calendar reminders to go to lunch.
My job also requires that I work on weekends. I have worked 12 weeks at a time non-stop.
Needless to say, it sucks for my personal life. I don’t get out as much as the average person does, which for me isn’t a huge deal as I’ve really outgrown the whole hang out scene, but one does require social interaction to stay sane. Spending too many hours sitting has also been proven to be deadly. To offset that I take breaks just to go out back or do something around the house, or get on the stationary bike and watch a bit of tv.
I like to cook which is not good all the time because it has made me eat a lot at times. To deal with that I now substitute meals with smoothies or home-made vegetable juice.
I live alone and that plays a major part in my activities. Working from home is good for people with families but there are times when those responsibilities can clash. I don’t like bringing stress into my home but there is little choice. To deal with that I only work out of my office room. This gives me a psychological barrier so that when I go out into the rest of the house it feels separate.
My job also requires that I am on call and that is where things get ugly. People expect you to always be available and they call you after hours for things that should be dealt with during work hours. Oh, I forgot to mention, my company is international, so I deal with people from all over the world. This means that you also have to take into consideration other time zones. It gets crazy at times but I have to say all in all it’s better than dragging my ass into the office everyday.