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Divided we fall

Some truths are more profound than others. This is exceptionally true about the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. It is being demonstrated every day on a large scale in America today. Everyone has a problem with someone else. Unbridled vitriol is rampant. It would be easy to blame this on social media, but […]


Let Me Be Your Hero

This song has recently become very popular, so I figured I’d re-share it along with the lyrics Let me be your hero you say you want a man who will understand so there’s no surprise just look in my eyes just look in my eyes you say you need a lover that treats you like […]


Birthday Boy…

Hi everybody! my birthday just passed and I did a lot of interesting crazy things..not. Actually, I’m still working on another keeps evolving and I’m having fits of writer’s block, but it’s there..I can feel it (that’s what she said). I wonder who was the first person to say that? oh, if you want […]


Home alone

I’m a systems programmer and I work from home 99% of the time. I go into NY for meetings and certain events about once a month. My job consists of writing code for automation on the mainframe computer and providing technical support for other programmers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term […]



Good day citizens! Welcome to my rantage for today.. Miami face guy – The victim in the Miami face eating incident speaks out. Why? I have total sympathy for him but the gruesome details of his attack are not exactly images I want wandering around in my head. It took several days just to get […]