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Victoria’s Secret revealed!

You know what Victoria’s Secret is? It’s where they are hiding the ass??Maybe there is something to the stereotype that black men are genetically predisposed to liking women with meaty butts. But cmon, look at these women! Is this sexy to someone? Combined they don’t have enough ass to make a sandwich. The one in […]


The Disjointed States of Amnesia

At first I thought I was tripping. I’m watching the news and all the republicans are ripping into Obama over Libya. And I’m like wait, just a few weeks ago they were ripping into him for not getting involved. Saying he’s dithering and wasn’t showing leadership. Then the fucking news media jumped on the wagon […]


Live like you’re dying

Tuesday, Tuesday..the only thing good I can say about you is that you’re not Monday. How do you catch a cold when you hardly have any human contact? Ehhh..I’m bitter. So what, eat me. This is my first post here on WordPress (and the crowd goes wild!). I’m here because Microsoft decided I needed to […]