2020 Vision

Yooo….What the f*******************k!!

What is going on right now? So much crazy..I can’t remember a time when there was this much chaos going on at one time. It’s hard not to be distracted and stressed. There’s too much conflict going on and people are tense worrying about their health, their jobs, their lives…

2020 had already kicked us in the proverbial bolas and then Chadwick…DAMN..The coolest nicest guy. That was just too much..too much. But we gotta comfort the kids. I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. If you have kids or they are in your circle, talk to them and listen…please.. Gotta be strong for the nuggets..

This is where creativity is essential. We all need a little mental vacation, A little TLC.. I envy those of you that have someone to turn to..that is if you haven’t gotten sick of each other yet. These are the times that test your mettle.

I’ve been keeping myself distracted for the most part., Trying not to let all this negativity soak inside of me. How are you doing? If you need someone to vent, don’t hesitate to drop me your thoughts. Whatever you do, don;t let it stay bottled up inside of you.

So..I’ve been working on all aspects of my craft. I hope to start making music again before the end of the year. I’ve gotten consumed with getting my mixing skills back in form and working on my VR sketches. Here’s a piece I’m putting together..(I should be sleeping..lol). I thought I’d share. Stay safe and be well!!!

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