outside in

What’s up fellow cave dwellers? Or should I say box buddies? Welcome to day whateverthefucketh of May. I’m joking actually. This quarantine hasn’t really impacted me as it has otheres. I’m still nursing a bad ankle so I have no choice but to chill. I have good and bad days. Today was kinda bad. I went to the supermarket. I made this sudden move and my ankle was like we’re just gonna stand here until you learn some respect. I thought someone was gonna have to put me in one of those motorized carts. I honestly should use one. I wonder what the mileage is on those things? Anyway, it’s all my fault. I keep trying to rush my recovery and all I’m doing is kicking the ball down the field.

I’ve been busy putting together some mixes. I’m actually getting some listens now. M y focuis is on underground house. Independent music gets no light. It’s easy to play the same shit you hear everywhere. Rap and Hip Hop is ok. I need to be in a mood for it and there’s a lot of trash out there I can’t believe people like but to each his reach.

Check these out. These are sessions ranging from 45 mins to an hour. I recommend headphones and a nice buzz. Enjoy!

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