No Justice, no Bleach

Hey guys, as always I hope this post finds you in a good place, physically and mentally.

Unles you live in a cave, which is probably the best place to be right now, you are more than likely under quarantine. At least, I hope you are and not one of these people out running around spreading contagion because someone told you to stay put. This pandemic has brought light to how unprepared and unfocused we are as a civlization to handle crises. Moreover, it’s exposed the disparity between our perceived reality and the truth. From this I have learned that there are no limits to what people will do for greed. I am shocked at how quickly those that are put in positions of authority are willing to let you die. We may have evolved technologically but man is still a selfish brute.

This thing we call an economy is founded on the exploitation of the poor. It’s not the CEO with the yacht, the celebrity with the home worth millions of dollars, or the sports celebrity’s latest gear that are important, it’s the guy/gal that makes sure there’s toilet paper on the shelf. The one everyone takes for granted.

This moment is our wake up call. Will we act accordingly or hit snooze yet again?

Here are some mixes that I put together recently. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of what I can do with this unit. I hope you enjoy.

Stay put and stay safe!!

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