The End of Daze

Today is my nephew’s birthday. I went to FB to wish him a happy and read his comment that this is his first without his mother. Shit went through me like a cannonball. Had to give him some words of encouragement. I also realized that I’m his only connection left on that level. Everyone else is gone. So that had me kinda fucked up for a few. I had to snap myself out of it. Take inventory on the good things…

Someone somewhere said that whenever you’re having a particularly good moment..something extraordinary..realize it in that moment and let it soak all the way in. You will need it later. No truer words were ever spoken. I do that now without fail. It adds perspective and you never know when you’ll have to lift yourself up off the ground.

This coronavirus panic is kinda crazy and kinda not. Crazy due to the fact that the flu is deadlier…as is getting hit by a car or getting shot, but when you have it, shit is real. People are so lax and like taking fucking chances with everything these days just for instagram posts, you know someone will get infected and go around spreading that shit on purpose. My real concern is mutations. When you have a large pool of potential carriers, viruses take advantage of that situation and mutate. I know there’s someone saying to themselves reading this thinking, viruses aren’t alive. They have no consciousness. I say to you, we don’t even understand consciousness. Thoughts are the products of electromagnetic interactions. We know that on the quantum level, particles become entangled. Who’s to say what that means for thought?

Anyway..I’m erring on the side of caution. Just chilling until things slow down. I laughed at Ebola and sure enough some chick had it and was fucking hanging out in Princeton like it was all good. That was too close for The hardest thing is keeping my hands off my face. I’d probably do better if it wasn’t something I needed to be conscious of. It’s easy to start obsessing. Got me over here voguing and shit trying to keep from touching myself.

So as you can see I’ve been a little busy recording my mix sessions. I feel like I’m almost 100% back. That’s not good enough though…I want to reach another level.

Here’s a few of my latest sessions. Some House and some Dubstep…Get some wine and enjoy…

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