Ever thought about what your legacy will be? Ever say to yourself, who cares? That’s actually the struggle that I find myself in these days.

I recently started an online account to trace my family history. There’s a lot I don’t know about my father’s side of the family. I’m his last child alive. I thought to myself, how old was my father when he died? It’s definitely something that will send you into an existential crisis, but I needed to know. I found out that I’m a year older than he was when he died as of my birthday this month. I was like holy shit, I’m living on borrowed time for real. I calculated that because I wasn’t an alcoholic that I couldn’t rely on his age. My father drank for a loooong time. I hardly ever. Anywho, I turned my focus onto something positive. Took self inventory and realized that there’s still a lot I want to do. That’s part of the inspiration for the mixes that I am posting. I used to be a DJ a very long time ago. I wanted to see if I still had juice. I’ve been practicing for a few weeks solid. My mixing background was on Vinyl. This time around it’s all digital. There was a curve but I’m surprised at how certain things just came back to me. So with all that in mind, check out this playlist. It’s mostly house but there’s some dub and downstep in there too. If you like it, please hit that heart.


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