World’s Apart – (updated)


I’m like wow right now. Spent some time with a family member and I never realized how different I am from everyone until now. It’s like we share different realities. I don’t know why I thought delusion is something you can snap out of..

Many thanks for the new follows. I take none of it for granted. Just wanted you to know that.

I have some new sketches I’d like to share. My skillset has improved. A lot of thanks goes to VR artists I have connected with. They’re pretty awesome. If you have an Instagram account, let’s link up. You can find me at @thp_pix.

Models created in Gravity Sketch. Scene rendered in Tilt Brush

Shout out to the artists whose work I included in the sketch. I don’t know their names but they are awesome. Music: Ink and Pink by Trashbat

This is the other side of the sketch

Music – Somnium by Congi

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