Testing the water..

What’s up folksesses?
I’ve been a prisoner of my house for the past few weeks due to a strained achilles. I’d injured it sometime ago but didn’t stay off it like I should have and now I’m paying the price.
I was about to say, it couldn’t have come at a worse time but I have learned that you should never challenge worse. Things can always be worse.
It’s hard to just sit still in the house. Chores aside, I am always up to something. I had a plan to shock the world again with dramatic weight loss but my main weapons, walking and bike riding are off the table.
So..I’ve been trying to starve it off. Can’t seem to keep away from meat permanently. Especially when I haven’t been shopping.
I have been Grubhubbing it for a bit. That doesn’t sit well with me for 2 reasons, it gets expensive, and I really don’t like eating food I don’t see prepared. People are dipping their balls in food these days for Twitter likes. That’s a big no thank you on my list.
I am by and far the furthest you can be from being a Luddite. I am like bring on the tech but there’s something about grocery shopping online that makes me feel like it’s a bit much.
Grocery shopping is as personal an experience as you can have. You alone know exactly what quality of food you would select. If I get one bad strawberry, I will be pissed and obsess and complain internally over it.
I know, it’s crazy but I’m working on it. As I was reminded just the other day on Twitter, you can never be safe. In fact, life is a zero sum phenomenon, but why not get the best out of it?

I bought one of those Ring Doorbells. After finding scratches on my Jag by the door in my freaking driveway, I’m seriously looking for some payback. If I catch them, they will get ball and peened in the collarbone.
In the Ring app you can watch videos of stuff going on in your neighborhood. It’s pretty cool but it will raise your paranoia level. I’m seeing a lot of people coming to people’s houses at like 4 am. WTF? That’s an automatic death sentence. There’s a group of kids ringing people’s doorbell and running. Dumb asses are dead center of the videos. Little bastards. Then when they go missing, people wanna put up posters and whatnot. I say it’s the way of nature.
I have also become aware of the epidemic racism that’s around me. It’s like MAGA county around here. Woman claimed one guy was Middle Eastern but he had a hoodie on and his face was hidden..figure that one out.
It’s not like he had Hezbollah emblems on the front. TF.

Anywho..enough rambling. I came to post a few more videos of stuff that I’ve been working on. At least I can get around virtually..lol.
Hope you enjoy

This is called Departure. It deals with the comings and goings of people and relationships.

Continuing on the theme of departure..a departure from the norm

This portion is called the Top Floor. A metaphor for societal hierarchy and it’s relevance. It just evolved as a part of the Departure sketch.

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