Is he dead?

Nooooooooo…not yet anyway

I hope this post finds you in a good place. Thanks for hanging with me.

So what’s going on…I’ve been on a bender. Not in the “I can’t take life anymore. Let me abuse myself with drugs” kind. The good kind. One that has revealed yet another level of self-awareness and harmony. For starters, I quit my job last year.  Retired early, took my cash and said I’m going to do me. I know at some point I’ll have to work again, but for now, I’m sucking the juice out of every day.  It took almost the whole year to get all of the internalized stress from work out of my system.  It wasn’t the work as much as it was the situation and the people I had to deal with.  That’s all I’ll share about that publicly, but I know it was the right thing to do. If you’ve been on the internet enough, you’ve probably seen those videos of some animal that’s been in captivity being set free for the first time. The part where they’re unsure of themselves and then realize, holy shit I’m free!..that’s kinda where I am now and I love it.

I sold my Durango for practically nothing to this kid. It was worth it to see the excitement on his face. Kinda took me back to when I got my first car. I’m sure he will have an interesting adventure with it. I bought myself a BMW X5 to replace it. I needed something for the winter and trips and stuff. Plus, I deserve it. As much as I have busted my ass..yeah.  I spent my last day of work chilling in it by the lake. That moment was hard to describe. It’s like I could literally feel another chapter of my life beginning.

Fast forward to this year. I decided to invest in a VR system. I bought an Oculus Rift. That was among the best decisions I made in life. I cannot express to you how much I love it. It has opened up a whole new realm of creativity for me. The best part of it is being able to share it with others in 3d. VR made some noise and for the most part, it is still considered a novelty but it’s catching on. Not just for games and such, but as an educational tool, social gathering and as a vehicle for art. I’d seen some 3d still environments…the little stuff you see on a smartphone but that is NOTHING compared to the virtual environments you can explore in a VR system. For the first week all I kept saying was oh, holy shit, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It was like THAT.

Sooo that brings me to now. I decided to revive my blog (twitter sucks ass) to share my works.

I will post soon. I want to sift through the stuff I made to give you the best of. You can see examples of it on Instagram right now. My id is @THP_pix. Watch this space..more to come!!


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