Sabrina’s Fabuleux Column

E-Wrestling Illustrated


Bonjour and welcome to my NEW COLUMN!!!

Who am I? I am Sabrina Artois-Davis aka Brie aka The Head Siren of the CWF. What am I? I am a woman beyondany real category or classification. I am half Marilyn Monroe one half Wonder woman. I am Madonna, Joan of Arc, Uni Kitty and Bill the Butcher all wrapped into one cute sassy dazzling and dangerous package. I am like Santa Claus in that I am a myth that lives in the hearts of those that believe and like Santa when you ask him for what you want YOU ACTUALLY believe he cares what you want where as I DELIVER what you all want and why? Cause I care.. I asked my legions of fans or”Brieologists” what they wanted to see in my first column for ew-illustrated. They came up with many awesome answers from who are the best Sirens in…

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