Because of You

A random memory:

I was in my teens, still living with my mom. There was this really pretty girl that lived across the street that I liked. I’d see her on occasion. It had gotten to the point where we’d exchange hellos and waves. One day she was walking her dog.. a little poodle, across the street from me. He apparently was walking too slow for her so she picked him up. As she passed my house, I waved at her and she waved back. Her dog saw me and jumped out of her arms running towards me..right in front of a car. The car tried to stop but the dog was hit by the front tire and pinned it, skidding a little with it’s boddy trapped underneath. She screamed running into the street. The driver backed up and she was able to scoop the dog was still alive but in bad shape. I stood there mortified, helpless and totally speechless. She scurried home crying uncontrollably.

We never spoke again and i never got her name

I have no idea why that popped in my head but I figured I’d share..

I also have a couple of tracks for you to check out. Hope you like them..



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