So last night I was going to meet a friend. I chose a random sports bar that I’ve never been to before. Just as I pull into the parking lot my friend tells me that they can’t make it. So I go in anyway. There really aren’t that many people in. It’s a mixed crowd. Next thing I know this woman comes up to me and hugs me and starts kissing me on the face. She’s like, “I’m so glad to see you”. Normally at this point I would have said something, but this time I really wanted to get more information about who this person is that everybody seems to think I am. So I just play along. I said to her how have you been? She says, “I’m very upset about the Ukraine. As you know I’m from the Ukraine and I don’t like what’s going on over there”. So we talk about that for a few minutes and then she says to me, “We had so much fun in Miami, you’re always so good to me. That’s why I love you”.
I am so completely freaked out by this. I can’t understand why this keeps happening to me. How can you mistake me for someone you slept with? And this isn’t the first time! I really want to know who this guy is. I hardly go out to be honest. I’m pretty much a homebody these days especially since I work from home full-time now. I feel like I’m losing my mind. It’s like one of those movies where you’re psychotic and you don’t know it and you go around doing shit can’t remember. I am just praying that this guy, whoever he is, doesn’t do anything crazy or illegal that gets me locked up. No one will believe that it’s not me. Obviously we have a strong resemblance wherever he is and I just want to know who he is. I just want to run into him once. For getting back to the story, I stayed for a few minutes and then I left. I said to myself the next time she sees him maybe he’ll become aware that there is somebody else that looks like him.

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