Stop and Go..

Happy Thursday! I cannot wait for this week to be over. This is been a very long and tiring week for me. I’ve been sick since last Thursday. I thought I gotten better but this cold drop-kicked my ass again. I was supposed to go to Brooklyn earlier this week to the office. They were planning a party for one of my coworkers that recently got married. I promised to be there but I woke up at 3 AM that morning feeling like I had been beaten with a bag of nickels. I almost forced myself to go, but then I thought that I would be spreading whatever I have and probably kill everyone, so I decided not to.
I promised myself that I was not going to bring my ex up again because it was too painful and nonproductive but she texted me last week. Apparently her and her new boy toy had a falling out. She was upset because he cheated on her so this caused her to have a revelation of the things that she did to me. She wanted forgiveness yada yada yada. I’m like, the only reason you got in touch with me was because of the fact that you’re hurt right now and you need a pacifier. No. No. No.
So that inspired me to write this song. It’s a song about moving on. We all have been in these situations at one point or another. Relationships come and go, people come and go, but we have to continue to live our lives.
I see so many people on my Twitter timeline that are struggling with emotional connections to people who have disappointed them. Heartbreak after heartbreak from people that come into their lives, wreak havoc and walk away. I see them pouring their hearts out into the Twitterverse on uncaring eyes. I can totally relate. So I tried to express that emotional struggle through this song. I hope you like it. This is for you.

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