I can feel it…

Some of you may have heard my story about being hit by lightning as a kid. I’m not sure if this is related or not but I wouldn’t rule it out. I have a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. It is very pronounced in my hands. I can’t hold a smart phone in my hand for any period longer than 15 to 20 seconds without experiencing some kind of pain. It’s even worse when the phone is plugged in and charging. It’s as if I am holding a microwave in my hand. For that reason I use hands-free functions as often as possible. I can literally feel the electric current in an appliance, or anything that’s plugged in. The best way to describe it is like being able to feel a vibration in that object when I run my fingers across it. I thought this was common until recently. I was reading an article about people who were being sickened by being close to strong electromagnetic fields generated by those electric utility towers. This also prevents me from being able to wear those active noise suppressing headphones. I bought a really nice pair of Bose quiet comfort headphones, and having them on for a period of about 5 minutes usually results in intense pain in my ears. This happens whether or not I’m listening to any music. I’m sharing this because I am sure there is someone else out there who experiences the same symptoms and is wondering what is wrong with them or may not have put the pieces together. It’s got me wondering whether or not my tinnitus is the classical form or the result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. I need to find a way to test that theory.
Someone joked to me that I should get one of those aluminum foil hats. That may not be such a bad idea.

On another note, I’ve tweaked my last song a little. I hope you enjoy. Peace


  1. dettygirl

    I think it’s really important to bring that awareness out there. I didn’t particularly know that sensitivity to electromagnetic fields even existed. I knew that if there is a buildup or very high amounts of electromagnetic fields over a long period of time it can have affects on someone. I hope this reaches out to more people!


    1. Mr H

      Hey Detty! Yes, it seems weird but I’m quite sure that it’s probably more common than we realize. When you think about it, our nervous system is controlled by a electrical impulses. Electromagnetic fields could interfere with those transmissions or even stimulate the nerve.


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