Many levels

Okay so now that I am officially in bed, I will update you on a few things that have been going through my mind.
I’ve had this curiosity about life, what it means, where we came from, etc. etc. so I have this real deep fascination with astronomy and physics. I have for long time been trying to wrap my head around quantum mechanics. I couldn’t understand how things could be so different on that level. None of it made sense to me and it was always very difficult for me to understand why it didn’t make sense. I saw this discussion may be a month ago, with Neil Degrasse Tyson and a few other guests. He explained something that was a revelation to me. What was even more shocking about being able to grasp the concept of what he was saying was how he made it seem so simple. Suddenly everything changed. The problem that people generally have when it comes to understanding how things work on the subatomic level, is that things don’t behave according to common sense. The question you must ask yourself is what is common sense? Common sense is a preconception that each of us has about reality based on our experience on this level. When I refer to level, I am referring to the macroscopic world. The world of the familiar. We evolved from creatures that needed to be able to understand what was going on in their immediate environment rather quickly to survive. So as a species, we tend to make rapid conclusions based on input. Over time that becomes what we call instinct. It is effectively the basic common denominator of our understanding. We know that when we pour water out of a glass it will flow. This becomes the expected behavior that we share. Anything that deviates from these learned behaviors is considered unusual. Things behave differently on the subatomic level. We cannot process it using the references we have in our mind based on our experiences. This is a simple reason why it’s difficult for us to come to terms with how things are so different.
The same applies on the what I will call super macro level. This is the level of the universe itself. We are so insignificant in size compared to the universe one could argue that we don’t even exist. So basically our understanding of reality depends on our size. Imagine the world from the point of view of an ant. So that was my revelation and I’m very comfortable with that explanation. It’s made me see things in a completely different light.


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