Grilled steak – the mission

So it’s the Memorial day holiday weekend and I needed some help to get my backyard in shape for the summer. I decided that at some point I am going to have a barbecue party. My biggest problem was getting my grass cut. I have an acre sized backyard that hadn’t been mowed since the fall. Last fall my riding mower crapped out on me. One of the blades came off and that shit was stuck in place. I had just finished cutting the grass so I threw a tarp over it and called it a season.
The first opportunity I got this spring I decided to take a look at it to see if I could fix it myself. Because the blade had come loose I couldn’t push it so I needed to lift it up to get the blade out. Once I managed to do that I decided that it would be best if I had it repaired by a professional so they could also perform whatever maintenance was required and I’d be set. Finding a repair person was difficult but I did manage to get someone to agree to come and get it. I had made arrangements to have it picked up on Friday of the week that I called. Friday came and went and no phone call, no show. So I called on Saturday to find out what happened. They told me that the driver was not there but they would make arrangements to have it picked up on Saturday. So I agree. No call, no show. Now I’m pissed because I blew a whole week trying to get my mower fixed and was in the same situation I was before I started. Meanwhile it rained quite a bit in my grass was starting to grow. It was already knee-high. I decided that I would take my push mower and try to make a dent in it. My push mower also has issues. It’s supposed to be self-propelled but the belt or something must have slipped off and that doesn’t work so you need to push it. After struggling with it outside for about an hour I decided I had made a dent and would try again the next day. I spoke to my cousin about my situation and he agreed to come help me. Meanwhile I was still trying to get someone to fix my riding mower. I can’t believe how hard it Is to find someone. After being thourougly frustrated the company I originally called finally called me back. They apologized and said they would send someone out on that Friday. Since my cousin was coming I figured what the hell let them take it and fix it and I will get another push mower. Between the two of us we could knock it out and then I could move on to getting the rest of my yard in shape. My cousin agreed on one condition, I had to grill him a steak. I said fine, not a problem, let’s do this. So he comes over, I picked up another mower, and we went to work. The only kink in the plan was the fact that he had no idea on how to operate a lawnmower. I had to give him a mini tutorial on how to control the mower. Once he got familiar with using it he was set and on his way. After we cut most of the grass I decided to stop and start working on cleaning my grill. I opened it up and to my dismay the pipes for the gas were completely rusted to a point where they were brittle. I said fuck it, I’ll just get another grill. I had that one for five years and it served its purpose. It had gotten late so we decided to just eat out that night and head out for a grill the next day. We came home after dinner and got trashed on Patron and ginger ale. The next day, which was this morning, I woke up feeling like shit. We both overslept. After going to Dunkin donuts to get some coffee we decided to get the grill. I went to Sam’s Club. They had a dual purpose grill on sale that caught my attention. It was a combination propane and charcoal grill. I got the grill Yay ok babaand brought it home. When I opened up the box I couldn’t believe they were so many freaking pieces. There were 48 in total. We spent the next six hours putting the shit together. The instructions were horrible. After spending all day getting that freaking thing in one piece I had to cook. It took me no more than 25 to 30 minutes to finish the steak. Now my back is fucking done and I am so tired. So much for relaxing on your day off.


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