Hey guys..Well another year has come and gone. I celebrated my **th birthday Friday the 15th. I’m not telling my age so as not to blow your mind..lol. Anyway, it was pretty uneventful. The way I like it. I didn’t do much except cook and play video games all day. Instead of a cake I had cupcakes. No candle this year because I couldn’t find them. So I just made a wish and blew it into the air.

Valentine’s day was well..just another day, as it should be. People put so much pressure on their love interests that it almost takes the fun out of being in a relationship. While it’s nice to celebrate your love, it’s wrong to place the value of your relationship on gifts. Anybody can buy flowers or chocolate. I’d prefer someone who;s there when I need them. That’s more important than any material thing. A guy can buy the biggest ring in the world and still be a piece of shit. This society places way too much value on material things and not the things that matter most, like loyalty, understanding and compassion. The same holds true for weddings. 90% of single women dream of that big wedding with the long flowing dress and huge ceremony. None of that will guarantee you happiness. It’s all for show. Look at these celebrity weddings. Millions of dollars spent, and months later they are separated. You see it time and time again but no one learns. A friend of mine was telling me about her daughter’s wedding plans. How she was dreaming way over her head. I told her if she knows what I know, keep it simple. Save that money to go somewhere nice and don’t make the mistake most couples do, start out in a mountain of debt. If you feel like you have to show off then your focus is in the wrong place. Your union should be about what you feel in your heart for each other, not how your friends judge your wedding. It is after all, just a ceremony.

oh..I was working on this song. It’s hard to categorize. It’s just a flow I was working on. I just let the music take me where it wanted to go. Hope you like it!

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