Un-Social Media

I’ve had a Google + account for some time now. Actually from the very beginning. I wasn’t impressed with it because at that time to me it seemed as if it were an imitation of Facebook. I really couldn’t understand the purpose. It was dificult to connect to people and just seemed generally clumsy. The one thing I did like was the hangout feature. So, recently they instituted “communities”. This is their version of group share. You can create a community for a specific interest and you have some granularity as to content and purpose. You can set guidlines and so on..it’s pretty cool and has taken off. I found a few communities and joined to share some of my photography and got immediate feedback. I think this feature will finally make it attractive to a lot of people. To me its way better than Twitter and Facebook. I know, shocking right? but it delivers interesting content without much hassle and it’s not a freaking popularity contest. I can scroll through my content without hearing about Rihanna and Chris Brown or Justin Beiber. (so far). Anyway, as I’m reading some of the commentary on posts, I come across the occasional negative feedback. Now, I understand that there are different points of view on almost everything, but there are people that feel they need to pee in everyone’s pool. Some comments are just unneccessary. I feel this way, if you have something negative to say that is not constructive, keep the shit to yourself. Some people feel a sense of empowerment by being assholes. I never understood that. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or what, but there seems to be a growing number of them. Almost anywhere there is a public forum you will find one asshole. They take many forms. Most of them are males. It’s almost an epidemic in my opinion. I used to participate in group chat on Yahoo. It became a daily obsession. During that time there were known users that would come into the chat room to raise hell. Misogynistic, racist assholes. They would ultimately get blocked by most chatters and then change their id’s and start all over. I never understood the satisfaction they’d get out of it. They must have led empty sad lives. Anyway, I’m starting to noticethat type of behavior even more so now. A lot of it is veiled as politics but it’s the same behavior. It makes you realize that society is more fucked up than we ever knew..

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