Voice dictation

I’m going to attempt to dictate this entry using voice dictation.  Bear with me if there are many mistakes.  I’m teaching myself to navigate through a paragraph.  I’m also trying to learn the commands.  One thing I have found from using voice dictation is that I need to speak clearer.  I am a trained actor, believe it or not, but I’d tend to get lazy when it comes to speaking.  This is primarily the cause of the fact that I’m not performing and utilizing my dictation skills.  I often think about what my voice coaches would say if they can hear some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.  As we use voice recognition more frequently, it becomes more imperative on focusing on how we speak.  Technology has not advanced sufficiently to recognize all of the subtle differences in grammar.  I own an iPhone, and use Siri quite frequently.  Apple has done a fairly good job of making Siri flexible enough to understand most phrases, but it’s a long way from being perfect.  Due to the shittiness of Apple’s map application, I recently started using Google search.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its efficiency.  It is however it different approach.  What would be perfect is a hybrid of these two applications.  As we now competition will prevent that, but it would be nice to see a universal voice recognition system being developed.  Using voice recognition isn’t as worry free as one would hope it would be.  It can be tedious at times, especially when making corrections.  You get the urge to simply type whatever correction you want as opposed to navigating the voice menus.  This is to me its biggest detraction.  I like the idea.  Ultimately we should see the voice applications that allow us to interact with all of the programs are on our computers.  Not just opening them but having the functionality of the entire application at your voice control.  I would like to use a voice control to be able to use the programs on my phone or computer, to do all of the things that I do with tactile input.  An example would be, set up an appointment with X friend and remind me 15 minutes before the appointment is due.  Or, find all of the gas stations near me, and give me directions to the one with the lowest price.  That would be nirvana.

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