The stuff dreams are made of

I have very strange, detailed dreams. As a matter of fact, I was shocked that people dreamt in black and white. That’s never happened to me. Anyway I was coming home Tuesday from the funeral. I was beat because I hadn’t slept in a few days. The day before I decided to stop eating all the crap and clean out my system. So I had a fruit smoothie with flax seed. Right about the time I was coming home my damn side started aching and I had a monster headache. I stopped at the Baskin Robbins right outside of the Holland Tunnel to get a chocolate shake.Mind you I’m allergic to chocolate but I felt like I needed something to make me feel better. Back on the road again I realized that I’d made a terrible mistake. Milk makes me sleepy and I was started to drift on the highway. That combined with just being drained was not a good combo. I barely made it to the next rest stop. I pulled in, put the seat back and passed out. I started dreaming that I was back on the highway and fighting sleep. I nodded off and drove off  an overpass and was nose diving into oncoming traffic at which point I woke up stomping the brakes going “fuuuuck fuuuuck”!  I was like holy shit holy shit, thank you God for that being a dream! After almost having a heart attack, I chuckled and then praised myself for having the good sense to stop because that would probably have been my fate.  So if I’m ever in a crash, you can bet on what my last words would be.

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