The Shadow Man

I rarely share this story because every time I do, I get creeped out for a while, plus people tend to think I’m crazy when I do, but here goes..

When I was a kid, I once lived on Granite St in  Bushwick, Brooklyn. This was a dead-end street that was cut off by a wall that led to Evergreen Cemetery. We used to climb this wall and play hide and seek in the cemetery among other mischievous things.  I mention that because it bears some relevance to the rest of my story.

One night I was awakened from a deep sleep by this weird feeling that I was being watched. As my vision cleared I looked toward the door that was at the foot of my bed. In the doorway, stood a tall shadowy figure, the light from the next room highlighting his silhouette. He wore a hat and a cape draped over his shoulders that hung to the floor.  “Who is that?”  I asked to which there was no answer. Then he slowly walked toward me. I was paralyzed in fear. When he got to the head of my bed he leaned over towards my face. His face was blackness. He stood back up, turned around and walked out of the room into the adjacent hall. Fearing that he was going to hurt my mother I jumped out of bed to warn her. As I got to the hall, there was no one there. Her door was closed. I wondered if he’d gone out so I opened the front door and looked down the stairs. There was no one there. I got back in bed terrified, my heart racing, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Fast forward to my high school years. I was in an English class. We were studying the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,  author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. He’d mentioned in a biography about being visited by a shadowy man, dressed exactly as the one I’d seen as a child, with a similar experience. I was blown away. Later on, a few of my classmates and I were in a Burger King.  Still unnerved about the whole situation, I told one of my close buddies the story about what happened. He sat there, with his mouth open in total disbelief as he said, “the same thing happened to me”. He went on to describe the same figure, visiting him as a kid, his eyes tearing as he was overcome with emotion. Another classmate, seeing what was happening asked us what was going on. We shared our experience with her to which she began to cry. She’d been visited by the same figure as a little girl when she was taking a bath. She went on to describe him exactly as I’d remembered. After sitting there in shock for a few moments, we started to wonder what this could mean. Was this something that linked us together in some way? We even wondered if it meant we were going to die together. Completely overtaken by the fear, we decided to never speak of it again.

Fast forward ten years later. I was watching this episode of the Twilight Zone…the remake series. It was an episode about the Shadow Man. At first I thought nothing of it until 5 mins into the episode and I could not believe what I was seeing. I will share this link with you. At 5:00 you will see what I mean.  I don’t know what it means but I do know that he was real.

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