Are we better off??

In the quest for renomination, the question is being asked if we are better off than we were 4 years ago. To that question I would answer yes.

Four years ago, we were involved in an unjust war where many died unnecessarily in my opinion. True a mission was created once the war began, but it was started on false pretenses. The American people were sold a bundle of bullshit. We had suffered a frightening blow and wanted our pound of flesh. Iraq was that pound of flesh, but it turned out to me more costly than anyone anticipated. This wasn’t Kuwait, the war that I call the movie of the week, perfectly scripted with superior firepower and rapid “victory”. No, it was something else, and it was deadly, long and a constant reminder that there is a price for war. So deadly in fact that the powers that be tried to suppress the images of the casualties being sent home, the first of which was the truth. Along with the increasing numbers of dead and maimed, billions of dollars were being wasted to support that war at a time when the economy was on its way into the second largest downfall in history. We lived in a climate of fear and uncertainty with daily color coded threat levels hanging over our heads. Major corporation collaborated in the largest greed fest ever and left the American people with the bill. The housing market was completely destabilized. People were losing their homes at record paces. The auto industry was on the verge of collapse. Most people do not realize what the impact of that would have had on this country economically and psychologically had it not been prevented, America was imploding. What we are facing now is the direct result of that. There are those that want you to forget. They want you to focus on your difficulties now and bear no responsibility for it. Most people do not understand the disaster that was about to be brought down on this country and cannot relate to the horror that was averted. But then someone came along and gave us hope.

So yes..I’d say we are better off, but the fight isn’t over…


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