Wishful thinking..

I know I posted this song before, but I tweaked it since the first draft to soften it up a little and bring out the vocals (thanks Aiva for your advice!! If I ever meet this woman I’m gonna hug the air out of her.)

A little more background on the song.. I had written some lyrics a while back for my ex. She hated the song and I never finished it, but there was a line in it that I hated to go to waste. As I was putting it together, for some reason that line popped in my head…”I can smell your body on my pillow when I wake at night”..I thought that was kinda sexy, so I plugged it in.  Another thing about this song is it’s a clear example of my creative process. I always start with the music, a melody or a beat. I put together a rough draft and then I try different vocal melodies. Then the words come to me. I may have a general idea when I start of what I want to say,  but it isn’t until I get to the draft of the track that my lyrics come together. Some are very simple, some more complex. This depends on how inspired I am and stuff that’s on my mind. This song, more than any other,  illustrates that process as it progresses. The lyrics aren’t extensive, but I was more focused on the melody and trying different vocal styles.  I have to admit, when I’m singing, it doesn’t sound as good to me as when I listen to the final recording. It’s weird, but it sounds different in my head, which is the reason by the way, I never gave singing any serious consideration. I’ve performed in musicals and sung on stage many times and never ever heard myself recorded..weird right? When someone complimented me on my voice, I blew it off as them being kind.  I have been complimented over and over about my speaking voice.  Women get crazy to hear me speak..it’s funny, but that’s another story.

This song has gotten a lot of positive feedback. I hope you like it.

p.s..I chose that picture to represent this song  because it’s the first rose from a bush I planted in honor of my ex as she liked white roses.. I’m romantic like that..beotch!!!

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