Untangled webs

We’ve all done it. We’ve all had them thrown at us.
What is it that makes a person lie? Sometimes it’s insecurity, sometimes it’s to avoid the consequences of the truth and sometimes it’s a mental issue.
I have experienced all of the above in personal and professional relationships. I ask myself what’s worse, knowing that the person is lying or believing the lie? I guess I’d have to say believing the lie, because you can put yourself in a much worse situation. If you know, the issue is motive and trust. Both deep, but I’d say finding out later that a lie was told is more damaging. If you love the person, it can destroy you if you let it.
Learning about the consequences of lies can be a life lone journey. I have had lies told to me that altered the course of my life, decided who I married, and almost made me hurt someone badly.
I used to hear my mother say stuff like, the truth will come to light. I would be cynical because I simply associated it with her zealous religious views or her desire to control me. I never thought it reflected reality. Until I got older.
As I aged and got to see things play out, I would come to a new level of understanding, deeper than anything she would conceive. Words are words, reality is reality. You can alter perceptions, but you cannot change reality. There are laws governing reality that cannot be broken.
I told a lie to my ex girlfriend out of embarrassment over the truth. At the time we really weren’t heavy so I made an excuse in my head that it was ok. It turned out, as it always does, that she found out through a mutual acquaintance. This acquaintance embellished the story and even went to the level of fabricating stuff. This got into my ex’s head and she never really trusted in me. Mind you, she told me some winners too, but I knew about most of them. The point I’m making is that had I not done that, it could have changed things dramatically or maybe not at all. Destiny has a way of making itself happen regardless of your actions. The fact that you’re reading this is connected to that reality.
Anyway, what I want to say is, if you’re confronted with a situation where you are tempted to lie, think of the consequences of the truth coming to light, as it always does, before you open your mouth.

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