Everything is connected to everything else. This is not simply a metaphor but a reality. For instance, these words are formed in my mind as a thought, translated into keystrokes, which produce a contrast of colors in shapes that your mind sees as letters. These letters are translated by your mind into words which you hear in your head. This is not just a transference of idea, it is a physical connection. The words you see are photons streaming from your screen to your optic nerve which sends electrical impulses to your brain. Close your eyes and that connection still exists with you to everything around you.
I preface this story with that idea to give you the same sense of understanding of life I came to when this happened to me. This story is true..
A few years ago, my mother passed away. I was understandably distraught for some time. I live alone and was a not too recent divorcee. I was feeling really down on myself and spent a few reckless nights out drinking.
My ex boss, who was also a buddy of mine, asked me to accompany him on a business trip to Las Vegas. I decided to go to break the monotony and do something to distract myself.
One night we ended up in the Playboy Club..yeah that’s how these trips are..but we were just having drinks, and talking. We spent a lot of time on the balcony checking out the view and I met these really funny guys from the UK..anyway, the evening went on and me an my friend decided to leave. As we walked down the stairs, this young lady, wearing a pair of cat ears, was coming up the stairs. She stopped me and said, “I have a message from your mother”. Taken aback and ready to go off on her I angrily said, “that’s not funny, you should know my mother’s dead”. She said, “I know” at which point i was like WTF, then it hit me like a wave and I almost fell down the stairs..the ears..why did she have cat ears on in the Playboy Club? My mother’s name was Kittie..
I told my friend to go on and I asked her to come back up the stairs with me. She sat with me and said, “I don’t know you or why, but I had to be here. I was at home and a voice spoke to me. She told me to come here and give you this message. She said to tell you, I’m fine and everything is OK” whew..just sharing this is making my eyes tear..
I was stunned sober. This woman, who was a complete stranger, was adamant about what she had to say to me. She said she tried to ignore it, thinking herself crazy, but she couldn’t stop herself. I asked her about the ears, and she said she had no idea why she put them on, they were from a Halloween party she’d attended before, she saw them in her closet as she got dressed and felt an urge to wear them. I then told her what my mothers name was. And to share with her that just that night, as I stood on the balcony, the thought had passed my mind to jump. She looked at me and started crying. We embraced and cried for a good while.
I must say, that was a very deep moment in my life that I had to share..

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