The Sanctity of marriage..

Chick Fil A will not get my business. Well they don’t now but I have no plans on ever eating there.
This whole shit about the “religious beliefs” over marriage is horse shit. First of all, marriage has nothing to do with religion. Marriage is a legal binding born out of property transference between the married person’s families. The LAW can not discriminate on the basis of gender, therefore, banning same-sex marriage is illegal and will be struck down as such.
What gets to me are the black people supporting that franchise. They forget that at one time discrimination was used to prevent them from eating in certain places. Why should someone who sells fucking chicken care about who you sleep with?
What about their employees? Will they discriminate against LGBT individuals? Will we allow that??
Let me tell you..I was married and now I’m divorced..Does that mean I’m going to hell? Can’t because that was hell.
You can’t help who you love and you shouldn’t be punished for being in love.

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